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Welcome to the Sociology subject guide! 

Use the tabs on the left to locate Key Resources for your assignments, and for more detailed lists by topic see the links under More Resources. There is also a link to your online reading lists, as well as tips on search skills, evaluating information, and referencing. 

The Library has good print & online resources in Sociology and related fields to support study, teaching & research. Resources are listed in the Library Catalogue. See also the separate subject guide for Criminology.

If you have any questions or need any help finding suitable literature or data please do get in touch with me using the email link below. 

Library Sections Relevant to Sociology

Reading list books can be found in the Student Collection (Floor 1) and are available for 7 day loan.

Supplementary books for assignments are mainly to be found on floor 4.

Letters Numbers Subjects
B   Philosophy
BF   Psychology
D-F   History (including some social history)
GN   Anthropology
H 61 Philosophy of social sciences
  62 Social research methods
  62.9.Q8 Qualitative research methods
HA 29-33 Quantitative methods. Statistics
HD 4801-8940 Labour. Employment. Work
HM 19-23 History of sociology. Sociologists
  24-39 Philosophy & theory of sociology
  51-73 General Works. Sociology textbooks
  101-102 Culture. Civilisation
  131 Social Groups(general). Organisations.
  206 Environmental sociology. Ecology movement.
  219 Sociology of religion
  221-222 Technology. Internet. Cyberspace.
  251-252 Social psychology
  263-265 Media. Mass communications. Popular culture.
HN 29 Social surveys. Ethnography
  51-999 Social history and conditions by country
HQ 12-471 Sexuality
  503-1059 Family. Children. Youth. Marriage. Older people.
  1067-2030 Men. Gender relations. Women. Feminism
HT 101-485 Urban and rural sociology
  601-1445 Classes. Slavery. Ethnicity. Race relations (general)
HV 85-499 Social policy and services (by country)
  701-1493 Children & older people (social welfare)
  3004-5840 Mentally ill. Poor. Alcohol. Drugs
  6024-7220 Criminology
  7231-9920 Police. Prison. Criminal justice.
JV 6000-9500 Migration
L   Education
LB 2369-2395 Study skills. Academic writing. Projects. Theses
RA 418 Medical sociology