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The Sociology subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in sociology.

Journal Articles

Academic journal articles normally focus on very specific topics. You can use the databases below to find articles published in reputable journals in Sociology and related subjects. Using them (rather than Web sources) will greatly improve your chances of producing high quality work.

Some of the databases are full-text, but others only include citations (references to the articles), so you'll need to check those in the library catalogue to find out if we have access to the relevant journal.

Also useful are review articles, which summarise research on a topic and can be useful for literature review purposes. Look out for these, or try adding keywords like "review" in your searches. Many journals produce them, and some specialise in this area, notably the Annual Reviews series of publications. We subscribe to the social sciences collection, which includes the Annual Review of Sociology, Annual Review of Criminology, and Annual Review of Anthropology