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The Sociology subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in sociology.

Portals & Repositories

Google Dataset Search is an easy to use site that covers millions of datasets across the social sciences, including Economics. Note that it includes subscription datasets as well as free ones. Check the library website to see if we have access to subscription datasets (ask me if unsure).

Our World in Data is much more selective, but a useful site for some topics, notably because it includes essays which provide context and background information about data for various research areas.

Other portals that can be useful: lists nearly 600 open data portals around the world

Gesis Data Search cross-searches portals and repositories for social science data

Harvard Dataverse well-known repository of datasets

ICPSR leading US-based data repository

Many countries have a national data archive (such as UK Data Archive in the UK), and a list of some major ones is provided here


The resources listed below are fairly general in nature. Use the topic tabs under More Resources to locate specialised sources of data.

Finding appropriate sources of data and statistics is not always easy. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do get in touch.

Social Surveys (International)

See the Politics subject guide for further links to Public Opinion polls

Social Surveys (United Kingdom)

Social Surveys (United States)

Survey Software