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The Sociology subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in sociology.


Interest in news & media is not confined to media studies students, but is also relevant to sociologists for many purposes, such as studies of social movements, events, representation of individuals or groups, and policy topics in education, criminology, social policy, etc. Nor is research restricted to current topics, since an increasing range of historical sources are also being made available. Consult the list below for the major resources available through the Library:

For students undertaking research of a more historical nature, or requiring exact digital reproductions of the original print newspapers, there are two major databases available: Gale Primary Sources and Proquest Historical Newspapers. Note that some newspaper titles on these databases offer content up until just a few years before present, so may also be used for contemporary research. The Gale and Proquest platforms also offer other primary source collections that may also be of interest to you. You can access them from the links below: 

You can see a more extensive list of our newspaper resources on the Library's e-resources webpage

There are also, of course, numerous free news sites, including the BBC and Guardian Society pages among others. Many are free to search, but may charge for accessing content.

A useful portal to newspaper and broadcasting websites around the world is provided by ABYZ News

If you are interested in learning more about news and media, come along to the next Library workshop on this area of research.