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We are bringing in a new library search and a few other exciting changes. Week by week, we'll be posting more information about the library search and what you can expect in the coming months and when it is finally launched. So make sure to pop by every week to learn what the library is doing to improve its search and to make your library experience better.

Find out more about the new library search.

Searches print books located in The Forum library at Southend. Southend students should use "Search Library" for journals, articles, and ebooks.

Open the online catalogue

Want to search journals? Browzine searches our journals and nothing else. To search for journal articles, use the 'Search Library' tab.

Search: Library Publications

Want to manage your most used journals? Try Browzine our e-journal management tool. Looking for a better reading experience? Try the Browzine app from your app store.

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID

Click here for our video explaining what decolonising means in a library context
New Library Workshops - Click here to view

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