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Our Teaching Offer

Provides information on teaching that the Library can deliver for your students to help them develop their skills, as well as highlighting supporting online resources.

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Welcome to the Library Teaching Offer guide! Here you'll find information on the range of teaching we can deliver for your students to help them develop their information and digital literacy skills, as well as helpful online resources to support this.

What is information literacy?

Information literacy is a set of skills that enable us to undertake information-related tasks effectively. This term encompasses the ability to be aware of your own information needs, discover and access relevant information, critically evaluate it, and store and communicate it effectively. As information comes in many forms, information literacy skills overlap with other skills, such as digital literacy. By working with the Library’s trained information professionals, you will be providing an opportunity for your students to acquire and refine these key skills.

Why is this beneficial?

Supporting our students’ development of information literacy skills can help them to make the best use of information resources in a critical and responsible way, contributing toward better assignment and degree outcomes. However, it does more than this: information literacy equips students with lifelong learning and research skills, which can benefit them in their future employment and personal lives. As an information literate graduate, our students will have the tools to recognise and solve problems, engage in deep learning, and drive forward with innovative solutions.

How can I help my students develop these skills?

Our trained information professionals can work with you to embed teaching sessions within your modules that aim to help your students develop their information and digital literacy skills. You can take a look at our workshop menu for an overview of the topics we offer, and can also find supporting online resources we have created that can be embedded within Moodle, or shared directly with your students. If you have any questions about our teaching offer, please do get in touch with your Academic Liaison Librarian .

Our recommendation

We offer a wide range of different workshops and lectures, and we recommend a minimum of two interventions for undergraduate students (90 - 140 mins) and one intervention for postgraduate students (30 - 150 mins) from the document below.

To discuss how to best deliver this recommendation through lectures or workshops, you can contact your Academic Liaison Librarian .

For examples of how we can meet these core skills, as well as additional ones, please see our workshop menu . Note that all workshops can be tailored for your requirements.