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Reading Lists

What is Talis?

Talis Aspire Reading Lists provide an interactive resource list that allows students to access the correct materials - when, where, and how they need them. By providing links to online resources and displaying library availability as well as allowing them to make notes and set reading intentions, the lists allow for greater accessibility and interactivity for students.

If you are new to Talis or would just like a refresher, these pages will help you to get started. Alternatively, you can request a 1-to-1 appointment by emailing

N.B. As we use a different catalogue in Southend, members of staff at our Southend Campus should email to get their lists set up on Talis.

Why use Talis?

There are extra functionalities in Talis that make for a more interactive list. It provides live library availability as well as adding notes to individual bookmarks. 

Talis also provides the option of digitising articles or chapters that we do not have available electronically, allowing access for all students on the course. You would not need to worry about copyright restrictions or having to scan a chapter yourself as the library will process the request for you.

It also makes it easier for the library to purchase the correct materials. When you publish your list it gets sent to the library for review, where we check that we have everything we need in the library and let you know if there are any issues with any of the materials on your list.

You can integrate your Talis reading list into your Moodle page so that students never need to leave Moodle to access their reading list. To find out more see here.