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The Sociology subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in sociology.


See also the Library subject guide for Health & Social Care


The resources listed below are only a small selection from what is available, with an emphasis on the social sciences. Further resources, mainly focusing on medical aspects are listed on the Health subject guide.
For additional resources, see other subject guides – many of the organisations/websites listed on them will have Covid specific pages/resources e.g.

1. Bibliography/Lists of Sources/Websites /Feeds


UNRIC list of Covid databases (mostly UN & other international agencies)

General Publications
ArXiv useful compilation of open access resources
CORD-19 Allen Institute for AI (JSON file)
Scitrus/Atypon Coronavirus Pandemic feed
PanSurg REDASA  collaboration between Imperial College London, Amazon Web Services &
others to assimilate the corpus of knowledge from traditional academic literature, websites and social media. In response to COVID-19 queries, REDASA will search over 400,000 data sources and rapidly output focussed answers

General Websites
Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) web archive
UNICEF Covid-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard - interactive tool for partners, manufacturers and countries to follow up-to-date information on the COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics market
Vaccination Demand Observatory
Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response

IZA working paper 6 country study of impact & opinions
Covid Behaviors dashboard on vaccine acceptance & related behaviors (Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs) (data collection ceased 25 June 2022). See also JHUs broader Coronavirus Resource Center. Updating ceased 10 March 2023 but raw data can still be accessed
UK Covid literature & government publications:
UK Web Archive (BL)

British Academy detailed report -  The Covid Decade: understanding the long-term societal impacts

Research Repository

Developing Countries

Global Social Response to Covid-19 Web Archive (Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation) - global initiative capturing websites from under-represented countries, groups & languages in the Global South

2. Consumer Behaviour

3. Data/Statistics

Our World in Data useful portal
WHO Covid dashboard
UN Covid data hub
see also report and volume 2
Twitter data
Social data during the COVID-19 pandemic,  coordinated by Ben Geiger (University of Kent) & hosted on GoogleDocs

Public Medicines for Covid-19  interesting site maintained by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, tracks public investments in vaccine research & companies worldwide


Eurobarometer survey of EU citizens opinions on Covid

Official UK government portal to Covid data

Centre for Longitudinal Studies – Covid-19 survey in 5 major uk longitudinal cohort surveys. May 2020 and repeated at ongoing intervals

Centre for Time Use Research 6 Wave Sequence Across the Covid Pandemic 2016-2021 
UK Data Service Covid-19 theme page which includes this teaching dataset
ONS Coronavirus page
Co-SPACE, UKRI funded survey looking at UK families during the pandemic

Covid-19 vaccine reports  data on vaccine uptake, compiled by Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science (University of Oxford) for NHS England
National Audit Office Covid cost tracker

United States

Covid Tracking Project
Argonne National Laboratory Covid 19 Impact Analyses
Vaccine Hesitancy Visualisation Tool from COVID Collaborative and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington School of Medicine  and 50 state survey 
Microsoft AI for Health Covid Data - uses publicly available data to offer infection &  death statistics down to Congressional District level for the US (data also available for other countries)

Latin America

Covid 19 Observatory (University of Miami) focuses on Latin America

4. Economics
Labour market

CEPR Covid Economics 
UNCTAD portal on effects on trade & development

WTO-IMF Covid-19 Vaccine Trade Tracker provides data on the trade and supply of COVID-19 vaccines by product, economy and arrangement type

Covid 19 & Remittances in Africa
Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Index  developed by Turkish economists (last updated May 2021)
European Investment Bank Covid-19 Economic Vulnerability Index looks at countries outside the EU

Covid Jobs Research:UK is a collaborative research project spearheaded by academics in the Economics Department, University of Essex

5. Education

UK Student Covid Insights Survey:

Higher Education
Unicef remote learning readiness index
Covid-19 Global Education Recovery Tracker  
UniCovid: tracking Covid-19 at UK universities website with data through to Nov. 2020 on Covid in UK higher education

6. Ethics
Digital contact tracing

7. Film & Video

BFI Britain on Lockdown crowd-sourcing the best videos from the public portraying different aspects of life under lockdown

8. Inequalities. Race & Ethnicity. Gender
IFS  see also Demos think tank

Gender and Covid-19 brings together academics from around the world, conducting real time gender analysis to identify and document the gendered dynamics of COVID-19
Data dashboard from UNDP
UN Women report summarising Rapid Gender Assessment surveys in various countries:
Covid Tracker (US)  
Violentadas en cuarantena - surveys reporting on gender-based violence during lockdown in Latin American countries

9. Language

10. Law
Covid-19 Law Lab  project from UN/WHO and others, contains legal documents from over 190 countries worldwide on states of emergency, regulation of social distancing and lockdowns

11. Media/Information. Social media
Countering Disinformation (AHRC project)
Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

Kaiser Family Foundation analyses of media & disinformation in US: downloadable ebook compiled by US researcher on social distancing, as conveyed by memes on Facebook

International Press Institute Covid-19 Media Freedom Monitoring

12. Mental Health

13. Mobility. Movement
Links to free Facebook & Google GPS data
Google Covid-19 Community mobility reports
International Organization for Migration – Covid-19 Human Mobility Impacts
see also 2022 report

14. Oral History/Digital Archives
Library of Congress Coronavirus Web Archive collection of representative Web content (mostly US)

Journal of a plague year – curated by Arizona State University team, the largest international effort to compile a digital archive of life under the pandemic, comprising  images, videos, oral histories, emails, texts, news stories and social media posts:

University of Minnesota-Duluth Northeastern Minnesota COVID-19 Community Archive Project
Western Wisconsin Covid 19 Archive Project

The British Library has major collections relating to Covid, including oral history projects, children's play, radio & TV broadcasts & recordings, archived websites
Its Covid 19 Testimony Projects Database collates details of over 100 UK based Covid oral histories, 
personal diaries, artwork and photography (amongst other things)

Renew Normal - the People’s Commission on Life After Covid-19 supported by Demos think tank, is surveying the UK population (website has selected extracts + reports) 

Dr Michael Ward (Swansea University) CoronaDiaries
The project has a total of 182 participants, from 14 different countries, who are aged between 11 and 89. Nearly 750 first-hand submissions - ranging from handwritten notebooks, diaries and dream logs to videos, social media posts, Tik Toks, music playlists - chronicle the first 12 months of the pandemic.

15. Politics
UK academics researching political aspects of Covid
Hansard Society Coronavirus Statutory Instruments Tracker
Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT)
ACLED Covid-19 Disorder Tracker
UNU EPIC Tracker (Evidence Policy & Interventions) inventory of government public health, economic, social, and community measures taken to respond to COVID-19 across all countries.
See also the WHOs Public Health & Social Measures Calibration Tool for comparison of policy measures countries have taken

Freedom House report on Covid’s effect on democracy

16. Religion

Pandemic religion: a digital archive (US) 


Food & Health

Mental Health

See also the resources listed in the General and United Kingdom sections

Quality of Life

For urban areas specifically:

Mercer Quality of Living Index attempts to rank cities worldwide 

QS Best Student Cities

For the UK:


Office for National Statistics Well-being data and publications (older releases on National Archives webpages)

London Wellbeing & Sustainability Measure from the GLA uses a range of indicators to assess Londoners' wellbeing since 2012. Some indicators permit analysis by borough or by socio-demographic variables such as age, tenure type, ethnicity, disability, sex, eligibility for free school meals, special educational needs, and Index of Multiple Deprivation quintiles.

United States:

Gallup-Sharecare Well-being Index of the health, economic & social well-being of American citizens using data from daily market research polls

Measure of America assesses well-being & quality of life in the US at national, state and local level

United Kingdom