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The Sociology subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in sociology.

Library Databases

Note: the complete BBC Archive of tv and radio broadcasts since 1922 is searchable here - 

Please get in touch with your liaison (subject) librarian if you need a programme or broadcast from the BBC archive that isn't available on Box of Broadcasts (see above)


DVDs and Blu-Rays are shelved on floor 5, and are loanable on the same basis as books. You can find DVDs in library search in various ways:

  • Search by the title or director of the film 
  • Search by keyword video, or  by language (e.g. German), or by keyword (e.g. family).
    Then apply the following filters:
    Availability = Held by Library
    Resource type = Videos
    Language = select as required

Here is a list of DVDs by language:

Chinese DVDs
French DVDs
German DVDs
Italian DVDs
Japanese DVDs
Portuguese DVDs
Russian DVDs
Spanish DVDs


There is a great deal of free audio-visual content available on the Web. A small selection of some useful sources are listed on the following guides:



Film Studies

Relevant sections of the subject guides will also include audio-visual resources relevant to that specific field