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Skills Fest: Skills Fest

Skills Fest 2023

Skills Fest 2023 is coming!

Skills Fest will be an exhibition of all the skills development opportunities available to students and staff at the University of Essex!

Join us 28th February to 2nd March for an activity-packed fair & taster workshops showcasing the wide range of support and skill development opportunities offered across the University of Essex.

Exclusive this year: students will be presenting on their passions too! Share your skills as a Student Presenter here

What you need to know:

When: Feb 28th - Mar 2nd 2023

Where: Square 5 & surrounding area

What: Activity-packed stalls & engaging taster sessions

Become a Student Presenter!

Want to:

  • Develop practical presentation skills for your studies & career?
  • Share your passion & expertise?
  • Be part of a University-wide extravaganza?
  • Get great experience for your CV?

Skills Fest will display the best skills Essex Uni has to offer and we want you to be involved!

If it’s a skill you’ve got - academic, sports, arts, hobbies, anything! - come and share it!

We will train & support you to create your own skills-based presentation and deliver it as part of the event

Sound interesting? Share your skills as a Student Presenter!

The Details

Skills Fest is a unique opportunity to develop your practical presentation skills - skills that are vital for your studies and future employment

  • No experience needed! This is a voluntary training opportunity to help develop your skills
  • You will be supported to create and deliver a presentation on a topic of your choice through training sessions
  • The training sessions will be run throughout February, in-person & online:
    • Thursday 2nd Feb, 12 pm - 1 pm: How to create effective presentations
    • Wed 8th Feb, 12 pm - 2 pm: Supported presentation creation time
    • Wed 15th Feb, 12 pm - 1 pm: How to deliver presentations effectively
    • Wed 22nd Feb, 11 pm - 1 pm (only one hour within this timeframe): Time to practice delivering your presentation
    • You will need to attend all of these session (we can work out alternatives if you can’t these times)
  • Deliver your ~10 minute presentation in-person or online. You’ll be delivering it on Wednesday 1st March
  • Spread the word! Invite your friends and classmates, both to be presenters and to watch the presentations & attend Skills Fest 2023!

Skills Fest 2023 Programme

The line-up for Skills Fest 2023 is shaping up to give you all the skills you need!

The programme will consist of a variety of workshops and events running between 28 Feb - 2 Mar on the Colchester Campus and online.

We're bringing together teams from the Library, Skills for Success, DITS, SWIS, Careers, the Funding Team, the Students' Union and many more!

Stars of the show will be our Student Presenters so come support your classmates!

When it's confirmed, the full programme will be posted below and on our workshops page.