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Reading Lists

What is a reading list?

A reading list is a collection of reading materials either necessary or helpful to your module.

Here at Essex, we use the reading list platform Talis Aspire. On your lists you'll find what you need to read each week, along with suggestions from your tutors about further reading to help you get the most out of your modules.

The best part? They're all available online, wherever you are, with easy access to online resources! 

Creating a profile

Creating a profile on Talis allows you to access additional features, such as setting reading intentions and writing personal notes. More information on this can be found here.

Some reading lists will ask you to log in to your profile to view them. This is because they have been set to private by the tutor that created them. 

To create a profile, first select 'Log in' and then 'Create a profile'. You'll just need to use your normal Essex username and password. You need to set what type of user you are under 'I'd describe myself as:' and you can set a discipline if you want to. You can then choose to keep your profile private or public.

The video below takes you through these steps: