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Reading Lists: Reading List Extras

Downloading and printing your list

You can download and print you reading list by selecting 'View and Export' in the top right hand corner, and selecting 'PDF - List':

Creating a bibliography

If you want to download your list as a bibliography, you will first want to change the citation style to match that which your course uses. You can do this by going to 'Citation Style' and selecting the appropriate option:

Always check which referencing style your department uses!

You can then download your list as a bibliography by selecting 'View and Export', and then 'PDF - Bibliography':

Making notes and setting intentions

Your online reading list profile will allow you to access extra features such as making notes and setting reading intentions.

Reading intentions

Setting reading intentions can help you to manage your time and keep on top of your readings.

To set a reading intention, go to an item on your reading list and select the circle on the right hand side - this is the reading intentions menu. You have a few options: 'Undecided', 'Will read', 'Reading now', 'Have read', or 'Won't read'.

Only you can view your reading intentions when logged in to your profile, however your module supervisor can see an anonymous overview of all reading intentions set for a course.

You can edit reading intentions at any time.

Personal notes

You can add personal notes to reading list items, which are only seen by you. This can be helpful if you read something that could be particularly good for a future essay and want to make a note of it, or you want to jot down certain quotes or page numbers.

To add a personal note, go to an item on your reading list and select the three dots on the right hand side and then select 'Personal note':

You can go back and edit or delete notes at any time.