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Reading Lists: Digitisation

What is digitisation?

Digitisation is a way to get online access to a chapter or section that we are otherwise unable to purchase as an e-book in full. This is a great option if you have a particular part of a book that you would like to add to your reading list, that the library only holds in print. 

Subject to the terms of our copyright licence, we are able to digitise:

  • One chapter;
  • Up to 10% of the total page count of the text;
  • Two articles from a journal; or
  • An entire journal if it is a special edition focused on one topic.

How to request a digitisation

You can request a digitisation from an online reading list in a few simple steps:

Copyright limits

Please note that in addition to the above limitations, there may be some items that are not covered by our copyright licence and we therefore cannot digitise from.

If we are unable to digitise an item, we will get in touch and our academic liaison librarians can help to find alternatives.

You can find more information about copyright in our guide on copyright for learning, teaching, and research.

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Autumn/Full Year Modules: 
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 Spring/Summer Modules:
31st October

Need help? If you're unsure where to start or would like advice about online reading lists, please book a 1-1 appointment or complete our contact us form.