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Reading Lists: Creating a Reading List

In general, how you create your online reading list and structure it is up to you - however you think it will work best for you and your students! 

You will first need to find an existing list or create a new list on our online reading list platform. Then, when structuring your reading list, you will want to consider whether to create sections - such as by academic week or topic - or to divide readings by essential and recommended items. 

Take a look at our guides below for more information on this.

Finding an existing list

If an online reading list has already been created for your module, you do not need to make a new one. Instead, find the existing list on our online reading list platform and edit it as needed. Learn how to find an existing reading list in our quick video below:

You can also use this search bar to check for an existing list:


Creating a list

You can create a new list if one does not already exist by following the steps in the video below. Alternatively, we can create a copy of one of our template lists.

Structuring a list

There are various ways you can structure your reading list, depending on what you think will work best for your module and students. Here are a few options on how you can divide your readings:

  • By essential and recommended reading
  • By academic week - this can help students keep track of their reading progress through the year
  • By unit or topic - particularly helpful if a particular reading spans a number of weeks

You can use the "Add section" functionality within the online reading list to create the structure that you want.

Alternatively, the library has created templates for week-by-week module structures if you would like to structure your lists in this way:

If you would like to make use of these structures, please email and we will set this up for you.

Assigning a list to yourself

You can assign an online reading list to yourself or another module supervisor - with their permission - by following the steps in our video below:

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 Spring/Summer Modules:
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Need help? If you're unsure where to start or would like advice about online reading lists, please book a 1-1 appointment or complete our contact us form.