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Reading Lists: Moodle Integration

What does integrating your list mean?

Although your online reading list will be automatically linked to on the relevant Moodle page, integrating your list by fully embedding it means that:

  • The whole list or specific sections of it will show fully on the module page on Moodle
  • Consequently, students can then view the reading list from Moodle - it is useful for them to have everything in one place, rather than being linked out to the online reading list platform
  • It will have live updates whenever any changes are made on the online reading list platform (so it only needs to be integrated once!)

How do I integrate my reading list into Moodle?

There are a few options to integrate your online reading list on Moodle, such as:

  • Embedding the whole list on the main module page
  • Embedding each weekly section into its corresponding week on Moodle
  • Embedding topic sections into corresponding tiles on Moodle

Watch our video below for a quick guide on how to integrate your reading list.

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Autumn/Full Year Modules: 
31st July

 Spring/Summer Modules:
31st October

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