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Reading Lists: Annual Review

What do I need to do?

During our annual review, drafts of online reading lists are created for the new academic year. This occurs in the first week of May and will be communicated by the library's reading list team.

As part of this process, reading lists from the previous academic year are copied and the time period updated to match the coming academic year. The reading lists from the previous academic year will be archived after exams have taken place in June.

No changes are made to the content of reading lists during the annual review, but they will be in 'draft' form. As such, module supervisors will need to check and update their reading lists as necessary, ensuring that the content in current and reflects the teaching on the module. 

Annual Review FAQs

Access online reading lists


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Autumn/Full Year Modules: 
31st July

 Spring/Summer Modules:
31st October

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