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Reading Lists: Getting Started


Follow our quick checklist to get started and click through the links for more information.

   Find your list or create a new one

   Decide on your structure

   Add resources

   Tag item importance

   Add notes

   Publish your list

   Integrate your list into Moodle

Purchasing policy

When the library reviews an online reading list, we have policies we follow for purchasing items:

  • All "essential" items should be available online, with academic staff choosing alternative resources where this is not possible. Note there may be some exceptions for resources that are not available through library models (e.g., novels).
  • For non-essential items, we will attempt to provide any access available - online or print - but will operate in line with our digital first policy when purchasing new content.
  • These policies also apply to film and audio-visual resources - for example, we can accept DVD access for non-essential items.
  • There is no guarantee that we can source items by the start of term if a reading list is published after the submission deadline, so please ensure you have updated your lists before this.

The reading list deadlines are as follows:

  • For modules taught in the Autumn term or across the whole year, the deadline is the 31st July.
  • For modules taught in the Spring or Summer terms, the deadline is the 31st October

Access online reading lists


Image of calendar 

Autumn/Full Year Modules: 
31st July

 Spring/Summer Modules:
31st October

Need help? If you're unsure where to start or would like advice about online reading lists, please book a 1-1 appointment or complete our contact us form.