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Reading Lists: Information For Staff

What are online reading lists?

Online reading lists collate essential and recommended reading materials for students to ensure consistent and equal access. They include access to online resources, availability of physical items in the library, and scans of recommended chapters. 

When a resource is added to an online reading list, it also informs the library about which titles are needed, and we can purchases items where necessary. This means it's an important tool to provide access to reading materials for students on each module.

Why do we use them?

Reading lists are an important part of student learning and also make teaching easier in general. Here are some of the key benefits of reading lists:

  • Live Availability
    Online reading lists show the live availability of the physical content we have in the library, making it easy for students to find and request the items they need.
  • Online Resources
    Online reading lists provide links to online resources and the contexts in which they are available, such as article databases. This gives students a deeper understanding of where sources are found and helps them grow accustomed to the types of resources they will need for their own research.
  • Moodle Integration
    Online reading lists are easily integrated with Moodle pages, meaning content is easily accessible from one avenue.
  • Library Reviews
    Adding all the required readings to your online reading lists ensures that the library can review the list and ensure resources are made available for your students.

Best practice guide

The best practice guide below—created with contributions from Essex academic staff and students—gives information and top tips on how to get the most out of your reading list(s).

Access online reading lists


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Autumn/Full Year Modules: 
31st July

 Spring/Summer Modules:
31st October

Need help? If you're unsure where to start or would like advice about online reading lists, please book a 1-1 appointment or complete our contact us form.