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Reading Lists

A Talis list is made up of bookmarks, sections, notes and pages and you can structure the list in whichever way best suits your course. You can find information about each of these and how to add them to a list here.

There are three stages that you may be at with your reading list:

  • Published – this means that the list is visible to students. Please note that you can still make changes to a published reading list.
  • Draft – this means that the list is not visible to students. You will need to make any changes necessary to the list and publish it.
  • No reading list – you will need to create a new reading list.

If you think that there has been a reading list for your module on Talis previously, but you can’t find it, please contact us and we can check our archives.

Searching for a list

To find a published or draft reading list, you can search the module code in the search bar on the home page:


If the list is assigned to you, you can also find it from the ‘My Lists’ tab:

Creating a list

If there is no Talis reading list for your module, you can create a new list.

To do this, you first need to log in to Talis. You then need to go to 'My Lists' and select 'Create a new list'.

Fill in the information about your module as follows:

  • Description: As you can only add in one list owner, if you have multiple lecturers teach on a course you can add their names in here so that they appear at the beginning of the list.
  • Year: Choose the correct time period for the list
  • Hierarchy: You can search for your module here and link the list to the hierarchy

Once this has all been filled in, you then just need to click 'Create list'.

After creating your list, the reading list team will need to assign the list to you as module supervisor. Please email and we can do this for you.