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Reading Lists

What does integrating your list mean?

When your reading list is published, a link between the list and the Moodle page will be set up automatically in the reading list block on the right-hand side of the Moodle page. This link will direct students to the list in its entirety and may be entirely appropriate if that is exclusively how you want students to access the list. 

You may optionally choose to further integrate your reading list into your Moodle page, which allows you to insert direct links to the reading list within individual Moodle panes. You can choose to link to the list in its entirety or to specific sections, depending on your preference.

If you need help with this, send an email to We are happy to do this for you, however our staff need to be given editorial permissions for your Moodle page before we are able to do this.

How do I integrate my reading list into Moodle?

Your reading list must be published before you can integrate it into your Moodle page. Guidance on how to edit and publish your list can be found on the editing a list page.

Turn editing on for your Moodle page and select the 'Add an activity or resource' button where you want to add the link to the reading list. 

Select the 'Talis reading list' button from the list of options.

Enter what you want to call the link in the 'Activity name' field (if you are linking to a specific section, i.e. Week 16, you may want to use this as the activity name) and then 'Select content'. This should generate a preview of the reading list with options for you to select specific sections of the list that you want to link.

If you want to link the entire list, select 'Embed list'. You will be returned to the 'Select content' page and can then select 'Save and return to course' to create a link and return to the Moodle page.

If you want to link a specific section, use the 'Select section' function, select the section you want and then 'Embed section'. You will be returned to the 'Select content' page and can then select 'Save and return to course' to create a link and return to the Moodle page.

How do I link to my new list at the start of a new academic year?

Reading lists are rolled over at the end of an academic year, meaning that a copy of the list is made for the new time period. More information on rollover can be found here.

The integration of your reading list in Moodle will not automatically change to the new version of the reading list for the coming academic year. This means that you need to relink to the reading list - though this is simple and shouldn't take long. When you select the reading list integration from your Moodle page, there will be a Relink option at the top. Select this option to relink your reading list to the Moodle page.

If you need any help with this process, or would like us to do this for you, just send us an email at