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Reading Lists


Below is a quick checklist detailing the steps that you need to undertake to create and publish your reading list. You will find links to guidance at each step.

  • Ensure that you have installed the bookmarking button. This will allow you to add journal articles and other miscellaneous web resources to your reading lists. 
  • Take a look at the best practice guide to see how academic colleagues and students get the most out of their reading lists:
  • Create a basic structure for the reading list 
  • Create bookmarks to all resources needed for the module
  • Add bookmarks to the reading list as required 
  • Set the importance for essential items 
  • Add any student notes where necessary (e.g. chapter information, guidance on resource) 
  • Request digitisation of any chapters/sections where e-books are unavailable, or articles which are not covered by library subscriptions 
  • Publish the reading list so that the library can review it and so that it is visible to students
  • Integrate the published reading list into the associated Moodle page
  • Encourage students to use the list