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Reading Lists


Below is a quick checklist detailing the steps that you need to undertake to create and publish your reading list(s). Before you start, you may wish to:

  • Ensure that you have installed the bookmarklet extension. This will allow you to add journal articles and other miscellaneous web resources (videos, webpages, and websites) to your reading list(s). 
  • Take a look at the best practice guide to see how academic staff and students get the most out of their reading lists:
  1. Add sections to your reading list(s) to create the appropriate structure.
  2. Add resources to the sections of your reading list(s) to indicate what students should read.
  3. Set the importance for essential items. 
  4. Add student notes to resources where necessary (e.g. chapter information, guidance on resource).
  5. Publish the reading list to make it visible to your students and so the library can ensure all the resources are available.
  6. Integrate the published reading list into the associated Moodle page.
  7. Encourage your students to consult the reading list for their readings.

Guidance for all of these steps are detailed on the Editing lists page of Talis' website. Talis have also produced a series of Academic training videos designed to show academic staff how their primary features work.