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Creating a profile

Before you get started with Talis you need to create a profile. This profile contains basic information about yourself to allow the system to notify you about digitisation requests and review outcomes. 

To create a profile, first select 'Log in' and then 'Create a profile'. You'll just need to use your normal Essex username and password. You need to set what type of user you are under 'I'd describe myself as:' and you can set a discipline if you want to. You can then choose to keep your profile private or public.

The video below takes you through these steps:

Installing the bookmark button

Talis links to resources using the bookmark tool. To create bookmarks to items, you first need to install the bookmark button. The short video below shows how to do this.

N.B. Displaying the bookmarks bar is slightly different in each browser, for information on how to display the bookmarks or favourites bar on the different browsers click on the links below.