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Welcome to the  Politics subject guide!
Use the tabs on the left to locate Key Resources for your assignments, and for more detailed lists by topic see the links under More Resources.
There is also a link to your online reading lists, as well as  tips on search skills, evaluating information, and referencing.
The Library has good print & online resources in Politics and related fields to support study, teaching & research. Resources are listed in the Library Catalogue.
If you have any questions or need any help finding suitable literature or data please do get in touch with me using the email link below. 

Library Sections Relevant to Politics

Reading list books can be found in the Student Collection (Floor 1) and are available for 7 day loan.

Supplementary books for assignments are mainly to be found on floors 2-4

Letters Numbers Subject
D-F   History (including modern & political). 
D-DR   History (general, UK & Europe)
DS-DU   History (Asia, Africa & Oceania)
E-F   History (US & Latin American)
H 61-62 Social science research methods
HA 29-33 Statistical analysis
HX   Socialism. Communism. Anarchism.
JA 61 Dictionaries. Encyclopaedias
  71-80 Political philosophy. Methodology
  81-84 History of political science
JC   Political theory. The State
  11-273 History
  311-312 Nationalism
  421-471 Democracy
  480-481 Totalitarianism. Fascism
  491 Revolutions
  571-599 Liberty. Human rights
JF   Comparative politics
  51-52 General. Developing countries
  201-723 Executive. Legislature. Judiciary
  1001-1900 Elections. Government. Administration
  2011-2200 Political parties
JL 950-3899 Latin America
JN 1-97 Europe (general)
  101-1589 Great Britain
  6400-6685 Russia
JQ   Asia. Africa
JS   Local government
JX 1245-1255 International relations theory
  1391-1396 International relations (1900-)