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Welcome to the  Economics subject guide!
Use the tabs on the left to locate Key Resources for your assignments, and for more detailed lists by topic see the links under More Resources.
There is also a link to your online reading lists, as well as  tips on search skills, evaluating information, and referencing.
The Library has good print & online resources in Economics and related fields to support study, teaching & research. Resources are listed in the Library Catalogue.
If you have any questions or need any help finding suitable literature or data please do get in touch with me using the email link below.


Library Sections Relevant to Economics

Reading list books can be found in the Student Collection (Floor 1) and are available for 7 day loan.

Supplementary books for assignments are mainly to be found on floor 3

Letters Numbers Subject
HA   Statistics
HB 71-74 Economics - philosophy & method, relation to other subjects
  71.5-71.6 Econometrics
  75-165 History of economic thought
  171-172.5 Economics, macroeconomics & microeconomics textbooks
  199 Economic growth theory. Dynamics
  201-236 Value. Price.
  501-615 Capital. Capitalism. Risk. Markets
  771-841 Distribution. Welfare economics. Consumption.
  849-3700 Population. Demography
  3711-3840 Crises. Business Cycles.
HC 30-59 Economic history, by period
  60-62 Economic aid. Development studies
  91-710 Economic history, individual countries
HD 1-91 Production. Management
  101-2206 Land. Agriculture
  2321-4730 Industry
  4801-8942 Labour. Wages. Unemployment
  9000-9999 Industries and trades
HE   Transport. Communications
HF 1-4040 Commerce. Trade
HG   Finance
  201-1486 Money
  1501-3540 Banking
  3811-4000 International banking. Foreign exchange
  4001-4495 Corporate Finance
  4501-6270 Investments. Speculation