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The Economics subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in economics or finance


In addition to the major resources listed on this page, the Albert Sloman Library has fairly extensive historical holdings of UK statistical series.

For a list, with links to online where available, please see Word document below:


Business. Industry. Retail. Sustainable Development

See also the Library subject guide to Business for details of further resources

Finance. Banking. Investments

See also the Library subject guide to Finance for details of further resources

The Bank of England is a very useful source of publications and data on monetary policy, inflation, and financial stability.

See its Research Datasets and Statistics web pages which offer historical and current data sets.

Household & Labour Economics. Personal Finance & Taxation. Financial Inclusion

Public Finance

The ONS offers a range of other publications & series, notably: 

United Kingdom national accounts (Blue book) 1984-2004 HC 256.5 and Online (2000-). 
Continuation of: National income and expenditure 1946/52-1983 HC 256.5

A good starting point for guidance is:

A short guide to the UK national accounts 2015 P. Lee et al Online

Or, for historical data:
National accounts statistics: sources and methods 1968, R. Maurice HJ 9925.G7 

Good sources of commentary on the Treasury budgets/autumn statements are provided by the IFS, BBC,,, the large accounting firms (BDO, KPMG, EY, PWC), Institute for Government, and others. House of Commons Library also publishes a research briefing - 

At a local level, the main publication is the Local Government Financial Statistics (England), online from 2000- with some earlier years held in print form by the Library.