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Psychosocial & Psychoanalytic Studies

The Psychosocial & Psychoanalytic subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in psychoanalysis, analytical psychology and psychosocial studies

Library Databases


DVDs and Blu-Rays are shelved on floor 5, and are loanable on the same basis as books. You can find DVDs in library search in various ways:

  • Search by the title or director of the film 
  • Search by keyword video, or  by language (e.g. German), or by keyword (e.g. family).
    Then apply the following filters:
    Availability = Held by Library
    Resource type = Videos
    Language = select as required

Here is a list of DVDs by language:

Chinese DVDs
French DVDs
German DVDs
Italian DVDs
Japanese DVDs
Portuguese DVDs
Russian DVDs
Spanish DVDs


There is a great deal of free audio-visual content available on the Web. A small selection of some useful sources are listed on the following guides:



Film Studies

Relevant sections of the subject guides will also include audio-visual resources relevant to that specific field