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O'Reilly for Higher Education

How can O´Reilly content be cited?

You can use the highlighting feature to help you creating citations:

  1. Highlight the quotes in the book you want to cite.
  2. Go to the Highlights page under Your O'Reilly on the Home Page.
  3. Select "Export all highlights".
  4. Download the file. The file includes title and URL, to start creating the citation. O'Reilly does not have page numbers because the text is free flowing and will shift to fit the page size. O'Reilly should be cited as an online resource, and citation models have rules for online eBooks without page numbers.

How can links to O´Reilly be used to share content?

You can use the browser URLs for sharing O'Reilly content (books, videos etc). For Playlists, a specific sharing feature is available. Links can be used in Moodle, Canvas and other LMS systems.

As a general rule, users should be logged in to their personal accounts before clicking a shared link. However, users will have different experiences with the URL depending on what authentication method the institution is using. Please contact your local librarians for guidance.