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Your Playlists

How do you add books, videos, chapters, clips etc to Playlists? Click the Playlist icon next to the item you are interested in.

You will find your playlists on the Your O´Reilly menu. You can also go to the shared playlists from the Explore tab on the main menu.

Let's have a look at a few examples, from left to right:

  • An Expert Playlist, with handpicked content put together by industry leaders. You can find them on the Home page and when searching. Read more about Expert Playlists here.
  • A Private playlist. It means it is not shared, it's not available for anyone else at your institution.
  • A playlist created by a colleague, and made available for everybody at your institution to follow. You can find them under the Discover tab and when searching. 
  • A Public playlist, available for any O´Reilly user, also outside of your institution. You can find them when searching.

Click the three dots icon to find options to edit the sharing and following settings for your Playlists.


Edit a playlist

This is how you edit your Playlists:

  • You can change the order of the items in your playlists by using drag & drop.
  • You can delete an item in the playlist by clicking the trash bin icon.
  • You can click the cogwheel button to edit (change name and description of the Playlist), duplicate or delete,
  • You can click Share button to choose between the three sharing options, read more about this below.

Sharing and following playlists

Click the Share button to choose between the three sharing options for your Playlist:

  • Private means the Playlist is only available for you, not for anyone else.
  • The next option means you can make your Playlist available for your colleagues at your institution, by sending a link to your playlist. You colleagues can also find your playlist under the Discover tab and also when searching the O´Reilly database.
  • Public means any O´Reilly user, also outside of your institution, can find your playlist when searching the O´Reilly database and follow it.

Users receiving or finding your playlist will able to follow it by clicking the Follow button  Which means they will be able to see any changes you make to your Playlist. You are not able to see who is following your playlist, only the number of followers it has.

Institution Playlists

Under the Discover tab on the Playlist page you will find Playlists put together by colleagues at your institution.

Click a Playlist to open it, then click the Follow button This means you will see any changes made by the person who put together the Playlist. You will find the Playlists you are following under the Your Playlists tab.