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UK Official Publications - Key Resources

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Parliamenary Publications

Parliamentary publications include;

  • Command papers
  • Bills
  • Papers of the House of Lords and House of Commons
  • Hansard (Parliamentary Debates)

About Command Papers

Locating Command Papers

Command Paper Citations

Series Dates Abbreviation
1 1833-69 [1]-[4222]
2 1870-99 [C. 1]-[C. 9550]
3 1900-18 [Cd. 1]-[Cd. 9329]
4 1919-56 [Cmd. 1]-Cmd. 9889
5 1959-86 Cmnd. 1-Cmnd. 9927
6 1986-date Cm. 1-


Recent Bills

Older Bills

Journal of the House of Commons and Lords might be useful if you want to consult more concise reports on what was done in each House.

Non-Parliamentary Publications

The term 'non-parliamentary publications' covers a range of government publications including;

  • Statutory Instruments
  • Publications by official bodies such as the Law Commission

Locating statutory instruments is covered under 'UK legislation' in this guide. When you are looking for publications by an official body, the best place to start is its website and then explore the site to locate a link to its publications. If you struggle to find the website, try;   

Law Commission reports are useful because they shed light on the areas of law that require changes. Some of the papers and reports can be found as command papers or House of Common Papers. 

To locate the reports and papers, you can have a look at its website.

As the search function of the website is very limited, you might find it difficult to locate what you are looking for. In such cases, consider using alternative sites and databases such as;


Official publications are fairly easy to find on the internet. If you are using Google, you may be able to focus your search by specifying the domain to (add to your search).