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Westlaw and Lexis Support

Westlaw and Lexis both have a range of support available on their platforms.  

How to access Lexis and Westlaw

Westlaw and Lexis Plus can be access from the library homepage. There are a few ways to go about this. 

  1. Via Library Search: simply search for Westlaw of Lexis Plus though the main search box. 
  2. Via Databases and eResoruces list: You will find the list under Your Resources block. This list is handy when you want to browse what databases we have. 
  3. Via subject guide: subject guide contains resources recommendation. Westlaw and Lexis Plus are listed as key resources. 

You can also access Westlaw and Lexis via public search engine. 

  • Westlaw: simply search for Westlaw via a public search engine (e.g. Google). Instead of using the default login box, click on the "Access thorough academic institution" button chose "University of Essex". This will take you to the usual university login page. 
  • Lexis Plus: once you access Lexis Plus via the library homepage, the browser will remember your access. If you search for Lexis Plus, you will get a message saying 'You last signed in using your University of Essex login credentials' and you will be prompted to sign in using the university credentials.  

Westlaw Support Materials

You can also book onto their webinars that cover inductions, certifications and more. 

You can find various support materials including guides and videos on the Westlaw UK User Guides page (Login required). Here are some examples:

Lexis Support Materials

You can find various support materials including guides and videos on Lexis website. Here are some examples:

Additionally, you can have a one-to-one appointment with provider.