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Demonstrating Your Skills in CV

Computer and note

Did you know that becoming proficient with a number of law databases help you boost your CV?


For law students, there are a number of certifications you can obtain to demonstrate your research skills and boost your CV. Have a look at the following certifications from major database providers for law. 

Westlaw Certification

Westlaw regularly offers three certifications webinars (Basic, Advanced and International) and Practical Law introduction. Please do have a look at this sheet as it has details on the sessions offered and instructions on how to book. As well as webinars, you can also undertake your certification using their eLearning courses in your own time. 

Lexis Certification

We run 1-2 certification workshops during term time, so please check our event page. Alternatively, you can take the test by yourself. For further information, please have a look at their website.