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What is grey literature?

Grey Literature refers to research that is either unpublished or has been published in non-commercial form. Examples of grey literature include: policy statements and issues papers; conference proceedings; theses and dissertations; research reports; newsletters and bulletins and fact sheets. Whilst some grey literature can be found in databases there are a number of specialist resources where you can search for grey literature.

Critical Appraisal of Grey Literature

Theses and Dissertations: Introduction

Theses and dissertations are a key source for finding the latest scholarship, additional material such as data sets, and detailed research. They can also help you find out what has been written on a topic, uncover other sources through citations, and get inspiration for your own research project. Use the resources below to search for PhD theses from universities in the UK and abroad. If you're a PhD student yourself, you can use the resources to make sure that your topic hasn't already been written about by other doctoral students.   

Essex Theses

The Library received all Ph.D. and M.Phil. theses and M.Sc. (Regulation 3.5.) theses up to 30 September 2016. Theses submitted after this date are kept in the University of Essex Research Repository. We do not normally hold dissertations and theses connected with other degrees - the exception being LL.Ms. All of our physical (print) theses are kept in Store and can only be consulted in the library - you'll need to use the online store request form or fill in a form at the library helpdesk to request them.

If you are looking for a specific thesis you can use Library Search to search for the author or title. If you want to find an Essex thesis on a particular topic/subject area, you can either add the word "thesis" to your keyword search, or limit your results to the "Essex theses" or "University of Essex Research Repository" collections.

Theses and Dissertations: Library E-resources

Theses and Dissertations: Free Websites and Portals










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