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Visiting the Library: Home

Page to be embedded in 2021-22 'Self Guided Induction' tutorial with info about the different study zones, library rules, etc.

Visiting Our Libraries

Whether you are planning to visit one of our libraries as a prospective student, current student, alumni, or external visitor, this page will help you know what to expect and where to find relevant information. 

For student and visitor information about the Albert Sloman Library in Colchester, refer to the 'Visiting the Albert Sloman Library' section below.

Albert Sloman Library, Colchester Campus

Visiting the Albert Sloman Library

The Albert Sloman Library in Colchester is open to students and staff as well as Alumni and external visitors. Opening hours are 24/7 in term time, and you can check current hours on the Library homepage.

Study spaces

Students and staff of the university are welcome to visit for studying or browsing in the library. You can visit as often as you need to and stay for as long as you like!

Individual Study Pods can be found on the 2nd floor. If you would like to book a Pod, you can do so here. Further information can be found on our help pages.

Navigating the building

The Albert Sloman Library has 7 levels, 3 staircases, 2 lifts, and 1 iconic paternoster lift. Maps of each level are provided below. If you require any assistance navigating the building, please speak to a member of staff at the Helpdesk, or get in contact.

The Paternoster Lift

The Albert Sloman Library is famous for its paternoster lift that is back in operation after extensive refurbishment. The paternoster has been an important part of the library since it first opened in 1967, and it is one of just two lifts like it which are now left in the UK.

The paternoster operating times are Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm. You can check the current hours of operation on our Opening Hours page.

If you'd like to learn more about how to travel on the lift, please visit our 'How to use the paternoster' page.

The Forum Library, Southend Campus




Study Zones

Keep an eye out for our Study Zones when visiting the library so you can choose a study space that suits your noise preference.

Individual Silent Study Zone

If you prefer to study in silence, our Individual Silent Study Zone will be the place for you! This can be found on the 5th floor, on the south side of the building.

Individual Quiet Study Zones

Our Individual Quiet Study Zones are perfect for those that want a quiet place to study, but may need to share something with friends. You might hear a few whispers here, but talking is kept to a minimum to avoid distraction! You'll find this zone in the Student Collection on the 1st floor, the north and south wings of floors 2-4, and the north wing of floor 5.

Group Quiet Study Zone

If you need to work in small groups, the Group Quiet Study Zone is where you'll want to be! This zone can be found in our group study rooms on floors 2-5. These spaces can be booked via the Library website. These rooms also have whiteboards, so you can work through problems together - if you want to use these, just ask for a whiteboard kit at the Helpdesk.

Breakout Zone

If you need a space where you can have a conversation or take a phone call, our Breakout Zone is perfect. You'll find this zone on the landings of every floor, as well as the ground floor foyer.

Building Maps

Ground floor map of the Albert Sloman Library.

Ground Floor Map

First Floor Map

First Floor Map

Second Floor Map

Second Floor Map

Third Floor Map

Third Floor Map

Fourth Floor Map

Fourth Floor Map

Fifth Floor Map

Fifth Floor Map