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LAWW: Scavenger hunt: Home

Welcome to Learning at Work Week: Scavenger hunt!

If you missed the briefing, fear not! You can also find the instructions on this page, including the first clue. The job is simple: follow the clues until you reach the end of the trail. Each clue will contain a task that you must complete to get a point for that clue. The team with the most points win, and in case teams tie on points, the faster team wins.

Once you've got to the end, find Oona and hand in your final item. You have until 3pm to complete the trail so you can fit it around other commitments, but if you're after glory, remember that in the event of tied points, the faster teams takes the trophy!

If you get stuck, simply Zoom or Teams message Oona to get a hint that will help you along in your journey. Use these wisely - you only have three (3) hints to use as a team! Once you have your team, set up a way to communicate (Zoom, Teams, email, choice is yours) so you can share notes and answers and keep each other posted. There will be several types of clues along on the journey so you may need to lean into different strengths!