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Key resources

These pages provide a selection of key resources for Psychology. If you have a resource in mind, you can use the below search bar. If not, follow the below links for our top picks.

Suggested key resources for Life Sciences

Databases: Databases bring together peer reviewed academic literature in more subject specific groupings than the Library search alone. Use these databases to search for research in your field.

Journals: Journals regularly publish peer reviewed academic articles. Searching specific journals will bring you narrower search results than searching a database.

Theses and dissertations: Theses and dissertations are a key source for finding the latest scholarship, additional material such as datasets, and detailed research in your subject area. They can also help you find out what has been written on a topic, uncover other sources through citations, and get inspiration for your own research project.

Overleaf: Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool that makes the whole process of academic writing, editing and publishing much quicker and easier.

More resources: This page provides information on further helpful resources for Psychology research and education. This includes PsycTESTS and Research Methods resources.

Covid-19 research: If you're looking specifically for research on Covid-19, this page provides a variety of places to start.