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The Linguistics subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in linguistics

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias : Introduction

You can use dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference works to:

  • Get an overview of your topic or issue
  • Learn the definitions of terms and concepts
  • Identify keywords to use in your search for additional information

Some useful dictionaries and encyclopedias are listed below.

Reference works for Language and Linguistics

Two important resources from Oxford University Press that cover Linguistics and are regularly updated with high quality content are:

Other useful online encyclopedias include:

Encyclopedia of linguistics / edited by Philipp Strazny (2007)

Concise encyclopedia of sociolinguistics / edited by Rajend Mesthrie (2001)

The following sources are available in print form in the library, many at classmark P 29 on floor 5:

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language by David Crystal   (2010)

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics by Carol A. Chapelle (Editor) (2013)

Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics by Keith Brown (Editor-In-Chief) (2006)

The Routledge Linguistics Encyclopedia by Kirsten Malmkjaer (Editor) (2010)

If you are researching aspects of Sociolinguistics and need help with sociological concepts then please take a look at the range of online academic encyclopedias listed on the Sociology subject guide

Language Dictionaries

Language dictionaries are inter-filed with the loanable books on floor 5. You can use the keyword "dictionary" in library search and combine with other keywords (e.g. "english language", "slang", etc.)