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Meet our new library search

Do you currently borrow our library books?

All current loans have had their due dates extended until 29 July. Anyone who currently has a book that has been out for over a year will need to return it by this date. This is due to auto-renewals coming into effect, as books will stop auto-renewing after a year - read more about auto-renewals in our blog post

Academics - If you have a lot of our books out and think you'll need assistance bringing these back, please feel free to contact us and we'll do what we can to help. 

Online students

For our partnership students, (for example, UoE Online, UoE International College, Aegean Omiros College etc.):

What is changing:
1. The content you have access to won't be changing, however the Library Search will have a new appearance. 
2. If you would like to save your current catalogue searches and reading history, please take a look at our FAQ page

What isn't changing: 
1. You will still have your own search which will only show what you can access, so no need to trawl through or filter your results when searching.
2. It will still be possible to log in within the Library Search, you won't need to log in via ''My Account''. 
3. How you log in will stay the same as well as all e-mails and passwords. 
4. The rest of the library website won't be changing. 

Postgraduate students

We're aware the introduction of the new Library Search may impact our Postgraduate students more than other library users, as it's a busy time for Postgraduates. We will do everything we can to reduce disruption and make the switch as easy as possible. 
If you run into any issues relating to the new Library Search, please contact us and we'll help as quickly as we can. 

Southend students

If you’re a student based at Southend, you will no longer need to search two different catalogues and will be able to find everything you need in one place. You’ll be able to see the physical Southend books while also seeing all available resources. You’ll even be able to filter to just Southend items as well.

Soon you will be able to search for Southend print books as well as e-resources using the new Library Search, but the feature has been slightly delayed so keep using the Southend search for print until further notice!

SWIS (Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service)

-Once the new Library Search is live, any student that is signed up with SWIS will be able to Click & Collect items that are on the shelves. The Click & Collect option will appear on the catalogue when you are logged into your account. Clicking this button will lead to a request form and will result in items being available for collection from the ground floor of the library.
-Our Click & Collect service will include all items, not just items with no available copies. 
-This service will be available for anyone who has signed up with SWIS, regardless of reason.