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Library Advisory Group

Your way to shape library services

What is the Library Advisory Group (LAG)?

The Library Advisory Group is your way of helping to shape the future direction of Library Services. It is a participatory forum to explore what the Library’s users want and how the Library can best provide it. All members of the University are welcome to attend. This year things will be a bit different, but we still need your contributions to make the Library as user focused as possible.

Where does LAG meet?

Online, for the time being! There will be opportunities to join in via social media so make sure you follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

What happens to ideas generated at LAG?

The outcomes of LAG meetings are considered by the Library’s senior management team, and fed into future service developments. Some examples of the impact of LAG are:

  • The design of the Library Reading Room refurbishment (using evidence from the LEGO models LAGgers built) and the refurbishment of floor 2 in the south wing.
  • Work in partnership with academic staff to ensure that all essential readings are available online
  • Changes to the Library website to make it more accessible and more intuitive, based on your feedback

More formally, LAG reports to Education Committee and Student Experience Committee, so that there is a wider University context for what we do.

How do I get involved?

Look out for opportunities to get involved via our social media channels. We’re looking for members of academic staff to help represent the interests of their departments, so if you’d like to act in that capacity please let us know. One academic rep has commented that: "I was impressed by how receptive to feedback the library staff were and how genuinely interested you all are in improving the overall library experience for everyone."