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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages subject guide gives you access to useful library databases and trusted Web resources, relevant for researching many topics in modern languages


To find books (including Easy Readers and audiobooks), e-books, language learning packs and DVDs/Blu-Rays in the library, you'll need to use Library Search. Library Search enables you to search the library catalogue and also other resources - you can search by keyword (topic), author or title.


Easy Readers

Easy Readers are available in German, Italian and Spanish. They come in basic, intermediate and advanced language levels, and some are accompanied by an audio CD. They are shelved on floor 5, and you can borrow them for 12 weeks as long as they are not required by another reader.

To find them in the library catalogue just type in the language and easy reader as keywords, e.g. "german easy reader", or consult the lists below:

German Easy Readers
Italian Easy Readers
Spanish Easy Readers

Language Learning Packs

The library has a collection of self-study language learning packs which you can borrow.

These are kept at the Helpdesk on the ground floor, so you'll need to ask a member of the team there if you want to borrow one. The packs usually contain a book and one or more audio CDs, and you can find them using Library Search - just search for the name of the language you're studying and add the keywords "language pack", e.g. spanish "language pack". Lists of language packs for some major languages are provided below:

Arabic Language Packs
Chinese Language Packs
French Language Packs
German Language Packs
Italian Language Packs
Japanese Language Packs
Portuguese Language Packs
Russian Language Packs
Spanish Language Packs


DVDs and Blu-Rays are shelved on floor 5, and you can borrow them for 7 days. You may renew them for a further period as long as they are not required by another user.

You can find DVDs through library search in various ways. Alongside the keyword "dvd", you can type the title or director of the film, a topic keyword (e.g. "family"), or a language, e.g. "arabic dvd".

Here is a list of DVDs by language:

Arabic DVDs
Chinese DVDs
French DVDs
German DVDs
Italian DVDs
Portuguese DVDs
Russian DVDs
Spanish DVDs