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Essex Student Journal

Introduces the Essex Student Journal: a diamond open access journal that publishes the work of undergraduate students at the University of Essex.

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What is the Essex Student Journal?

The Essex Student Journal is an online academic journal run by and for University of Essex students. The journal is multi-disciplinary, and is dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate writing.

The Essex Student Journal previously operated as ESTRO (Essex Student Research Online), but in 2020 relaunched on a new publishing platform as the Essex Student Journal.

How does the Essex Student Journal help students?

The Essex Student Journal offers an opportunity for students at the University of Essex to publish their work, and gain recognition for their writing. It also allows invaluable experience of academic publishing and the peer review process.  

In addition, following our ethos of being run by and for students, the Essex Student Journal gives Postgraduate Research Students a chance to experience being a reviewer. The journal operates a double blind peer review, meaning that neither the author nor the reviewer knows each other’s identities. This creates a confidential process, enabling both the reviewer and author to become familiar with the process without their names being shared.

Finally, in publishing high-quality work from University of Essex students, best practice in writing can be shared, and new topics of interest may be uncovered.

Who can access work published in the Essex Student Journal?

The Essex Student Journal is a Diamond open access journal, which means all papers are made openly available online, with no cost to the author or reader.

You can learn more about open access in our open access guide, or by completing our online tutorial. In this game-based tutorial called The Puzzling Hunt for Open Access, you are challenged with solving a range of puzzles to unlock all research at the University of Essex!

How can I get involved?


If you would like to submit a paper for publication to the Essex Student Journal, head to our website for more information about submission guidelines, and the link to start a submission.

Peer Review

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer, please do apply on our website.

Previous issues of the journal can also be found on our website, so feel free to read some of the great work written by previous students at Essex who have published with us.

Editorial Team

Journal Editor 

Aisyah Shamshun

Journal Manager
Hannah Crago
Previous Student Journal Editors*

Dafni Kalatzi Pantera: 2021/22                    Sara Sheriff: 2021                                                          Lina Abdelhafiz: 2019/2020

            Journal Editor Profile Photo                          
*these are the Student Journal Editors who have been in post since ESTRO became the Essex Student Journal.