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Comments and Complaints: Home

Information how to get in touch with your comments and complaints about library services.

We aim to provide a high quality experience for all users of our services and welcome positive feedback, however there may be the rare occasion where you feel unhappy with the service you have received, or your expectations have not been met. We value your feedback, so whether you are unhappy with the service, have a suggestion on how it can be improved, or think we are getting it right, let us know. 
Please share your comment, complaint, or suggested improvement, including relevant details, as soon as you can, so that we can:

  • Take action to reach an early resolution
  • Where possible, improve our services

For our libraries (Colchester, Loughton, Southend) and ESCALA you can do this face to face at our Library Helpdesks, by phone on 01206 873192, by email or via our physical suggestions box situated within each library.

For our Lakeside Theatre you can do this face to face with any member of our staff, at our Box Office, by phone on 01206 873261 or by email 

For our Art Exchange Gallery you can do this face to face with any member of our gallery staff, by phone 01206 873184 or by email

Wherever possible, our staff will aim to resolve an issue immediately. If the matter needs to be referred to a supervisor or manager, you can expect a response within 5 working days from the date the initial issue was raised. If you feel the matter has not been addressed to your satisfaction, or we have been unable to reach a resolution, it will be escalated to a senior manager and you can expect a response within 15 working days from the date of the escalation. If we think it may take longer, or further action needs to be taken, we will let you know and explain the reasons why.

Whilst we make every effort to reach an early resolution, if you remain unsatisfied with the outcome of the matter, students should report concerns via the University Student concerns and complaints procedure

For all other library users you should write to the Director of Library and Cultural Services and University Librarian,  either by email or at the address below, where you can expect to receive a further response within 6 - 8 weeks (in line with the University Student concerns and complaints procedure).

University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park

For more serious issues such as sexual violence, harassment or hate crime, the University takes a zero tolerance approach and all staff, students and visitors can report something via our Report & Support website

Our complaints procedure is reviewed annually to take into consideration the views of our customers using Library & Cultural Services. If you have any feedback on our complaints procedure please let us know