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Help with e-book features

Oxford Scholarship Online

The help pages for Oxford Scholarship Online are available for detailed help and guidance including FAQ.


Chapters from books can be downloaded or saved from OSO: 

Can I print text from OSO?

Yes. You can print content from OSO by chapter. To print any page from OSO, simply use the Printer icon in the toolbar at the top of the chapter. A preview window will appear with the correctly formatted pages, minus the site navigation components. Please note that printing restrictions apply – see below for guidelines on legal printing and copyright.

Can I save chapters to PDF from OSO?

Yes. You can save individual chapters to PDF from OSO. To generate a PDF of an individual chapter, simply click on the Download Chapter (PDF) option at the top of the full text chapter page. You can then save (or print) the PDF as required. Please note that Copyright restrictions apply – please see below for guidelines.

To download a chapter, click on the view PDF button

Screenshot showing view pdf button on Oxford Scholarship Online

You will then be asked to accept the intellectual property rights cited in the privacy policy and legal notice

Screenshot showing pop up for privacy policy on Oxford Scholarship Online

When you click proceed, the PDF will appear on the screen, and this can be downloaded and saved using the download button at the top of the document

Screenshot showing PDF download button

How much material can I legally print/save to PDF from OSO?

You are restricted by Copyright to the amount of information that you can print or download. It is very important that you read the Legal Notice, which includes information on printing and downloading to PDF, before printing or downloading anything from OSO.

Saving and My Work

Books and search results can also be saved to the My Work area, so that you can return to them in later sessions. 

The My Content and My Searches options keep a record of the books/chapters you have viewed in a single session.

To save this information between sessions, use My Work.

My Work enables you to:

  • keep a record of the books you have viewed most recently.
  • save and rename searches you have run.
  • retrieve the results of a saved search.

To keep a search record between sessions, you need to sign up to My Work.

Click Sign up in the top right corner of the window (just above the search box), and follow the instructions given.

Saving a book

To save a book to My Work, make sure the book you want is open at the section of your choice and click .


Saving a search

To save the results of a search to My Work, make sure you are signed in and that the appropriate Results list is displayed.

Click . Edit the title of the search if you wish, and make any notes in the Notes field, then click .

The My Content and My Searches options keep a record of the books/chapters you have viewed in a single session.