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Help with e-book features


Many of the books in our library can be accessed as e-books, meaning that they can be read wherever you need them and on a variety of devices. This guide draws together help and advice on  using and adding notes to e-books, to help you make the best use of the features available. For detailed help, please follow the links provided.

Access to e-books and being turned away

We will always try to buy the version of an e-book that gives the most access to the largest number of readers. Sometimes, however, we have had to buy e-books that have limits on the number of readers that can access them at the same time. If you try to access a limited-user e-book at the same time as other readers, you may get a message that says that the book is unavailable because the maximum number of users has been reached. You may also be offered a place on a waiting list to access the book. If you find you are frequently being refused access, or "turned away" from an e-book, please contact our Content and Digital Systems team at The team will check to see if an alternative provider is available.