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Permitted Use of Library E-Resources: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Permitted use of electronic resources at The Albert Sloman Library

Access to electronic information resources such as abstracting and indexing databases, electronic journals and electronic books is subject to copyright and licence agreements. Exact license terms vary from one publisher to another, but in general they authorise use of the resource by current students and staff of the institution for the purposes of academic research and teaching as long as you adhere to copyright regulations. Use of an e-resource for commercial purposes, by unauthorised users or for excessive downloading is explicitly prohibited.

Information on the individual terms and conditions of use for each resource is usually available directly from the electronic resource itself, either from the copyright attribution statement or the 'Terms and Conditions' link usually at the top or the bottom of the page.

You may not systematically print or download substantial quantities, or distribute information to unauthorised third parties. Misuse of licensed resources jeopardises access for the entire University and may result in the publisher or vendor withdrawing their service from the University.

Many publishers and vendors have the capability to monitor excessive downloading and will contact us if they suspect an abuse by a registered user. The University monitors access to external e-resources to prevent or detect crime (see Guideline 4 of the 'Guidelines for Use of IT Facilities').

Who can use online databases and electronic journals?

  • Registered students of the University of Essex.
  • Employees of the University of Essex.

See also: Walk-in Access

Who is not permitted to use e-resources

  • Former students, unless they qualify under the terms for employees and students.
  • Retired members of staff.
  • Visitors and members of general public.

See also: Walk-in access

What am I permitted to do with the e-resources?

You may:

  • read an article or book on screen.
  • print a copy of an e-journal article, a chapter of a book, or database search results for personal use.
  • download a copy of an e-journal article, a chapter of a book, or database search results for personal use.

What am I not permitted to do with e-resources?

It is not permitted to:

  • use the information retrieved for commercial or business purposes (including student placements)give your username and password to anyone else.
  • download excessive portions* of the resource into your own filespace or other electronic media.
  • pass on information retrieved to an unauthorised user or republish the material in any form.
  • make multiple print or electronic copies of e-journal articles.
  • remove, alter, or obscure any copyright notices or text from any e-journal article.
  • make electronic copies of e-journal articles available through a network or Virtual Learning Environment i.e. MOODLE or the Course Materials Repository, without express permission of the rights holder.

Can I access e-resources from home?

Authorised users may access most of our databases and electronic journals from outside the campus. To do this you must be a registered student or staff of University of Essex and have a valid University network login. If you have any problems with remote access contact us