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Information and updates on the paternoster

Operating times

The paternoster will run Monday - Friday 10am - 4.30pm. You can check the current hours of operation on our Opening Hours page.

There will be a safety announcement as it starts up and is closed down each day to let you know what is happening.


How to use the paternoster

Here's everything you need to know to ride the paternoster safely!

  • Wait for the green light to get into or out of the paternoster car
  • Only two people maximum can ride in each car, but we recommend one at a time
  • Avoid going underneath on the ground floor as this can cause the safety mechanisms to operate (and the paternoster to stop!)
  • Avoid going over the top on floor five for the same reason
  • Only use the big red emergency stop buttons in an emergency
  • If the paternoster does stop unexpectedly, listen to and follow the safety announcements which will usually tell you to stay put - Library staff will be on hand shortly to check everything is ok
  • There is a minimum age limit of 16 years old to ride the paternoster

To get an idea of what the paternoster is like to use, find out more in our Paternoster in action webpage.

If you would rather not use the paternoster to traverse the floors of the Albert Sloman Library, please be assured that a conventional lift and stairs are also available.