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Information about the services and resources the library has to help you access the library.

Alternative Formats Service

If you have difficulty using library resources in their current format, then we can provide further help and tools.

Some services, including the Alternative Formats Service, require you to have registered with the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS) for disability support who can then refer you to our services. For the Alternative Formats Service, your SWIS advisor will refer you for category 1 or category 2 support - further information on these categories can be found below.

Formats we can provide

We can obtain or supply PDF or Word files, which can then be used with a screen reader/assistive technology of your preference. Audio files can be provided where available, for example through RNIB Bookshare or you can use Sensus Access to convert files into an mp3 format.

Bookshare has useful guidance on how to read books in your preferred way, including reading with audio.

My Computer My Way offers helpful advice for setting up your computer to meet your needs.

If you prefer another format, please contact us.

How we provide your essential reading in accessible formats

For category 1 support, the Alternative Format Team will:

Check reading lists

We will check the format of items marked essential on your module reading lists and ensure these are available as electronic resources. More information on using your reading list and accessing resources can be found on our reading list help pages. You should be able to use these digital items in your preferred way, but if you have difficulty accessing or using the content, please do contact us using the Accessibility contact us form.

Search RNIB Bookshare

Where an item is only available in print, or you find it to be inaccessible, we will search RNIB Bookshare and, where available, assign the book to your account. Please remember to check here regularly, as new titles are being added all the time. You can also search and download files independently; login details will be sent to you in our Alternative Formats welcome email.

Add files to your named folder on Box

For some of your material we may have to contact the publisher directly, obtain a copy from an alternative source, or make a scan in-house. This material can be accessed via your named folder on Box, via a link which will be sent to you in our Alternative Formats welcome email. If you are an undergraduate student, you will need to request access to Box via IT Services. Please remember to check here regularly for new material.

For category 2 support, all module related essential reading should be available in an electronic format. If you do have difficulty accessing or using any of the content, our Assistive Technologies and useful resources page contains useful accessible tools to help you create accessible versions of content on your reading list. You can also search independently on RNIB Bookshare or use SensusAccess to convert files into alternative formats. If you are still struggling to obtain an accessible version of a resource, you can make a request using our accessible copy request form.

Further reading material

You can use our request an accessible copy form for help with accessing other material you need, in more accessible formats.

We encourage the use of RNIB Bookshare to find additional reading materials; you can search their catalogue of resources independently and download titles in a preferred format. Alternatively, you can use Sensus Access to help convert files into alternative formats.