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Disability Support


The library offers extended loans for students when using the Short Loans (Ground Floor) cabinet. Instead of 4 hours, you will be able to borrow the item for 8 hours. Also, if you borrow the books after 12pm, you will be able to borrow them until 10am the day after.

There are multi functional devices on all floors of the library. They are self service machines and you will need your campus card in order to log in to your printer account. All are able to enlarge print and you are able to get yellow and blue paper from the help desk to use when printing.

All of these devices also allow you to scan and photocopy.

Accessible Scans

If you need any reading lists materials to be provided in a more accessible format, please complete an accessible copy form.

There is a CCTV magnifier in the Student Collection. Instructions for MyReader2 are next to the machine or ask at the Helpdesk for assistance.

There are magnifying sheets available to borrow near the Colchester book return.

Each Colchester floor holds a book basket with wheels which you can use to collect and carry your books around the library with.

The university also provides assistive technology, from hardware to software, which can be found on the university's Computers & Software page.


Using the laptop loans, you can choose Accessible Locker.

This will provide you with a laptop from the middle lockers, and should be easier to take out of the lockers.