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Archived Reading Lists 2021-2022

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Reading Lists (BE)

BE100: Introduction to Accounting

BE101 Introduction to Accounting and Finance (Southend)

BE110: Financial Reporting and Analysis

BE111: Management Accounting I

BE111: Management accounting I

BE116: Principles of Commercial Law

BE120: Audit Principles and Practice

BE130: Current Issues in Financial Reporting

BE131: Advanced Management Accounting

BE133: Critical debates in Management Accounting

BE141: Strategic Management Accounting (Southend)

BE142: Taxation Policy and Practice

BE150: Issues in Financial Reporting

BE154: International Management Accounting

BE155: International Financial Reporting

BE161: Corporate Reporting and Analysis

BE167: Accounting and Finance for Managers

BE200: Business Creation and Growth (Southend)

BE201: Business Economics (Southend)

BE202: Introduction to International Business (Southend)

BE211: Managing Innovation (Southend)

BE216: International Business Strategies (Southend)

BE217 The International Business Environment (Southend)

BE218 Business Research Methods (Southend)

BE220 Strategic Entrepreneurship (Southend)

BE221: Introduction to Tourism Management (Southend)

BE222: Internationalisation of the Services Sector (Southend)

BE241: Communication and Intercultural Skills (Southend)

BE245: Tourism Operations (Southend)

BE246: Tourism Marketing (Southend)

BE247 Business Model Innovation (Southend)

BE250: Theories and Practice of Entrepreneurship (Southend)

BE260: Supply Chain Management (Southend)

BE267: The International Business Environment (Southend)

BE268 International Business and Strategy (Southend)

BE273: Innovation Management (Southend)

BE274: Managerial Economics (Southend)

BE275: Global Supply Chain and Operations Management (Southend)

BE277: Business Analytics for Managers and Entrepreneurs (Southend)

BE279: Applied Statistics and Forecasting (Southend)

BE281 Management Science: Optimisation Methods (Southend)

BE282: Logistics and Supply Chain Planning and Control (Southend)

BE283: Financial Analysis and Decision Making (Southend)

BE284: Strategic Management (Southend)

BE300: Quantitative Methods and Finance

BE301: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (Southend)

BE302: Introduction to Finance

BE311: Corporate Finance

BE313: Portfolio Analysis

BE314: Financial modelling

BE317: Financial Intermediaries, Instruments and Markets

BE331: The Pricing of Securities in Financial Markets

BE333: Empirical Finance

BE334: Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

BE335: Behavioural Finance

BE351: Derivative Securities

BE352: Asset Pricing

BE354: Portfolio Management

BE356: Financial Modelling

BE357: Behavioural Finance

BE361: Risk Management

BE362: Fixed Income Securities

BE370: Financial Technology and Innovation (Fintech)

BE400: Introduction to Management and Marketing

BE410: Organisational Behaviour

BE413: International Business Environment

BE417: Organisational Behaviour and Management (Southend)

BE420: Leadership in Organisations

BE421: Personality Differences at Work: A Myers-Briggs Perspective

BE424: Principles of Operations and Supply Chain Management

BE425: Research Methods in Management and Marketing

BE426: Retail Management

BE428: Global Logistics Management

BE431: Business Strategy

BE432: Financial Crashes and Consequences

BE433: Human Resource Management

BE435: Management, Society and New Forms of Work

BE439: Business Ethics

BE440: Brand Management

BE441: Business Strategy (Southend)

BE443: International Human Resource Management (Southend)

BE447 Managing Innovation & Technology

BE460: Organisation and Leadership in a Globalised World (Southend)

BE462: International Human Resource Management (Southend)

BE467: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

BE469: Managing Across Cultures

BE475: Human Resource Management

BE479: International Human Resource Management

BE480: Equality and Diversity

BE482: Managing Organisational Change

BE484: Personality and Work

BE485: Management and Strategy

BE486: Organisational Behaviour and HRM

BE487: Learning and Talent Development

BE490: Corporate Communications

BE491: Understanding Organisational Change

BE493: Leading Change

BE494 Organisational Identities

BE500 Principles of Markets, Marketing and Selling (Southend)

BE511: Marketing Management

BE513 Services Marketing (Southend)

BE514: Business-To-Business Marketing (Southend)

BE516: Consumer Behaviour (Southend)

BE518: Digital Marketing and Social Media

BE519: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

BE531 Marketing Communications (Southend)

BE534: Digital Marketing and Social Media (Southend)

BE552 International Marketing Strategy and Planning (Southend)

BE553: Principles of International Marketing (Southend)

BE554: Strategic Brand Marketing

BE555 Consumer Behaviour

BE557: Perspectives on Marketing

BE558 Corporate Marketing Strategy

BE559: Digital Marketing and Social Media

BE562: Marketing and Innovation

BE563: Advertising

BE610: Introduction to Banking

BE630: International Finance

BE632: International Banking

BE633: Alternative Investments

BE650: Modern Banking

BE651: Bank Strategy and Risk

BE750: Global Project Management (Southend)

BE857: Business Strategy

BE865: People and Organisations

BE872: Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches

BE875: Leading with Impact

BE880: Strategic Marketing

BE883: Data and Analytics

BE901: Research and Study Skills for Professional Development

BE905: Professional and Academic Development (Southend)

BE906 Professional & Academic Development module 2


BE932/BE933/BE934/BE935/BE941: Research Project (Southend)

BE936 Accounting Project

BE937: Finance Research Project

BE938: Independent Study Project: Management / Marketing

BE939: Independent Research Project

BE950: Research Evaluation

BE951: Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting

BE965: Research Methods in Management and Marketing/BE969: Research Methods in Management and Marketing Studies

BE966: Research Methods in Human Resource Management

BE981: EBS Dissertation

Reading Lists (BS)

BS101: Molecular Cell Biology

BS102: Genetics and Evolution

BS104: Microbiology

BS111: Plant Biology and Ecosystems

BS112: Marine Ecology

BS113: Animal Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour

BS114: Marine Biology Field Skills

BS131: Biochemistry of Macromolecules

BS132: General and Organic Chemistry

BS133: Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

BS141: Quantitative Methods for Life Sciences

BS141: Quantitative Methods for Life Sciences

BS143: Transferable Skills in Life Sciences

BS161: Anatomy and Physiology for Biomedical Science

BS214 Biomedical Science: Practice and Employability

BS220: Human Genetics

BS221 Molecular Biology: Genes, Proteins and Disease

BS222 Genome science

BS223: Immunity in Health and Disease

BS225: Cell Biology

BS228: Metals in Biology

BS230: Proteins and Macromolecular Assemblies

BS231: Computational Data Analysis: R For Life Sciences

BS232: Metabolism

BS234: Plant Molecular Physiology and Genetics

BS235: Medical Microbiology

BS236: Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science

BS237: Clinical Biochemistry

BS238: Cell Biology and Cellular Pathology

BS241 Biodiversity: From Genes to Ecosystems

BS243: Applied Wildlife Sciences

BS251: Marine Biodiversity

BS253: Microbial Diversity and Ecology

BS254: Marine Vertebrates

BS256: Tropical Marine Field Research Skills

BS257: Career Development and Research Skills for Ecological and Marine Scientists

BS258: Coral Reef Research Skills (Virtual Field Course)

BS281: Protein Bioinformatics

BS303 and BS417: Estuarine and Coastal Ecology Field Module

BS314: Structural and Molecular Enzymology

BS320 Human molecular genetics

BS326: Molecular and Developmental Immunology

BS327: Cell Signalling

BS331: Stem Cell Biology And Ageing

BS332: Biomembranes and Bioenergetics

BS333: Bioimaging

BS345: Climate Change and Pollution

BS349: Molecular Basis of Cancer

BS352 Freshwater ecology

BS352: Freshwater Ecology

BS354: Fisheries Ecology

BS705: Tropical Marine Resources

BS706: Tropical Marine Systems

BS707: Methods in Tropical Marine Biology

BS708: Professional Skills in Tropical Marine Biology

BS709: Data Analysis and Visualisation

BS831: Research Project in Biomolecular Science

BS832: Research Project in Life Sciences

BS833 - Biomedical Science

BS833: NHS Placement Report

BS932: Advanced Cancer Biology

BS934: Gene Technology and Synthetic Biology

BS937: Industrial Biotechnology: Enzymes, Biochemicals and Biomaterials

BS938: Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

BS982: Genomics

BS983: Protein Technologies

BS985 Professional Skills and the Business of Biotechnology

BS987: Research Project MSc Cancer Biology

Reading Lists (CE)

CE101 Team Project Challenge

CE141: Mathematics for Computing

CE142: Mathematics for engineering

CE151 Introduction to Programming

CE152: Object-Oriented Programming

CE153: Introduction to Databases

CE154 Web Development

CE155 Network Fundamentals

CE161: Fundamentals of Digital Systems

CE162 Digital Electronic Systems

CE163: Foundations of Electronics I (NWU)

CE164: Foundations of Electronics II

CE171: Neural Engineering Research Methods

CE201: Team Project Challenge (Northwest University)

CE203: Application Programming

CE204: Data Structures and Algorithms

CE205: Database and Information Retrieval

CE213 Artificial Intelligence

CE215: Robotics

CE216 Sensors and Actuators

CE217 Computer Game Design

CE218: Computer Game Programming

CE221 C++ Programming

CE222: Operating Systems

CE223: Signal Processing

CE225: Neuroimaging and Brain Stimulation Technologies

CE231 Computer and Data Networks

CE235: Computer Security

CE243: C Programming and Embedded Systems


CE262 Engineering Mathematics

CE263: Analogue Circuit Design

CE264: Digital Systems Design

CE264-5-AP-NWU: Digital Systems Design

CE266: Engineering Electromagnetics

CE269: Control Theory and Practice

CE301 Individual Capstone Project Challenge

CE303: Advanced Programming

CE305: Languages and Compilers

CE306/CE706: Information Retrieval

CE310: Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming

CE314 & CE887: Natural Language Engineering

CE315 Mobile Robotics

CE316 Computer Vision

CE317: Virtual Worlds

CE318: High-Level Games Development

CE320: Large Scale Software Systems and Extreme Programming

CE321: Network Engineering

CE322: Algorithmic Game Theory

CE323: Advanced Embedded Systems Design

CE324 Network Security

CE325 Mechatronic Design

CE330: Telecommunication Principles

CE334: Telecommunication Networks and Systems

CE335 Digital Signal Processing

CE339 High Level Digital Design

CE701: Theory Signals and Systems

CE703: Networking Principles

CE705: Programming in Python

CE707: IP Networking and Applications

CE708 Computer Security

CE719: ICT Systems Integration and Management

CE721: Electronic System Design & Integration

CE801 Intelligent Systems and Robotics

CE802: Machine Learning and Data Mining

CE807: Text Analytics

CE810 Game Design

CE811: Game Artificial Intelligence

CE812: Physics-Based Games

CE817: Virtual Worlds

CE823 Network Security

CE860: Advanced Embedded Systems Design

CE865: Programming Embedded Systems

CE866 Computer Vision

CE869: High Level Logic Design

CE880: An Approachable Introduction to Data Science

CE881: Mobile and Social Application Programming

CE888: Data Science and Decision Making

CE889: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

CE902: Professional Practice and Research Methodology

Reading Lists (EC)

EC 909: Behavioural Economics I (Individual Decision Making)

EC100: Introduction to Business Economics

EC111: Introduction to Economics

EC114: Introduction to Quantitative Economics

EC115: Methods of Economic Analysis

EC116: Applied Economics and Policy

EC120: The World Economy in Historical Perspective

EC123: Career Skills in Economics

EC201: Intermediate Macroeconomics

EC202: Intermediate Microeconomics

EC203: Technological Change: Past, Present, and Future Prospects

EC209: Introduction to Behavioral Economics

EC245: International Financial Institutions and Policy

EC246: International Trade Institutions and Policy

EC247: Financial Instruments and Capital Markets

EC251: Mathematic Methods in Economics

EC252: Introduction to Econometric Methods

EC261: Management of New Technology

EC262: Economics of Organisational Management

EC322: Microeconomics (Advanced)

EC324: Macroeconomics (Advanced)

EC335 Strategies of Economic Development

EC335: Strategies of Economic Development

EC351: Mathematical Economics

EC352: Econometric Methods

EC355: Public Economics

EC363: Labour Economics

EC365: Theory of Monopoly and Regulation

EC366: Market Structure and Strategic Behaviour

EC367: The Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade

EC368: International Money and Finance

EC371: Economic Analysis of Asset Prices

EC372: Economics of Financial Markets

EC386: Introduction to Health Economics and Policy

EC387: Experimental Methods in Economics

EC401: Introductory Macroeconomics

EC402: Introductory Microeconomics

EC403: MRes Microeconomics

EC404 : Macroeconomics

EC452: Introductory Econometrics

EC466: Estimation and Inference in Econometrics

EC501: Econometric Methods

EC511: Mathematical Methods

EC901: Monetary Economics

EC902 - Economic Development Theory

EC902: Economic Development Theory

EC903: Microeconomics

EC904 : Macroeconomics

EC905: Political Economy

EC906: Banking

EC907: Economics of Financial Markets

EC910: Computational Economics

EC911: Computational Market Micro Structure for FinTech and Digital Economy

EC914: Behavioural Economics II: Games and Markets

EC930: Theory of Industrial Organisation

EC932: The Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade

EC933: International Finance

EC943: Game Theory and Applications

EC951: Economics of Incentives, Contracts, and the Firm

EC955: Experimental Economics

EC956 Cognitive Psychology for Behavioural Economics

EC957 Social Psychology and Economics

EC963-7-SP: Public Policy Evaluation

EC966 : Estimation and Inference in Econometrics

EC969: Applications of Data Analysis

EC981: Dissertation

EC991: Topics in Macroeconomics

EC992: Advanced Microeconomics

EC994: Advanced Macroeconomics

Reading Lists (GV)

GV100: Introduction to Politics

GV103: Introduction to International Relations

GV110: Thinking Like a Social Scientist

GV110:Thinking Like a Social Scientist

GV113: Co-operation and Conflict

GV120: Politics and Economic Policies

GV121: Institutions of Democracy

GV150: Politics and Power

GV151: Truth, Justice, and the Nature of Politics

GV163: Introduction to United States

GV202: Political Behaviour

GV203: Parties and Elections

GV204: British Government

GV205 Measuring Public Opinion

GV207: Political Analysis: Introduction to OLS

GV209: Applied Qualitative Methods and Field Research in Political Science

GV210: Games, Strategy and Politics

GV211: Violent Non-state Actors: Violence, Conflict and Crime

GV212: International Organisations

GV214: International Relations

GV216: Foreign Aid, Development and NGOs

GV217 Conflict Analysis

GV225: International Economic Development

GV241: Political Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

GV243: The Internet and Politics

GV250: Principles of Social Justice

GV252: Discourse, Morality & Power

GV254: Ethics and Public Policy

GV261: American Presidential System

GV271: The European Union

GV307: Political Economy

GV312 Domestic Politics and International Relations

GV313: Authoritarianism

GV314: International Political Economy

GV315: Political Economy of International Development

GV317: Corruption

GV369: American Political Institutions

GV374: Democracy and the Media

GV383: German Politics

GV384: Democracy, Dictatorship, and Regime Change

GV385: Parliamentary Studies

GV420/421/422: Disease and Disaster

GV505: Political Psychology

GV508: The Analysis of Conflict and Peace

GV510: Democracy, Violence and Inequality in Latin America

GV517: International Security Studies

GV522: Gender and Armed Conflict

GV523: Politics of Modern China

GV524: Gender and Leadership

GV525: Introduction to Israeli Politics

GV526: Politics of South Asia

GV537: State Fragility, State Building and Conflict

GV538: From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death

GV543: Human Rights and Global Justice

GV554: Migration, Politics and International Development

GV591: Environmental Politics

GV831: Research Project: Politics

GV900-7-FY Political Explanation

GV902: Theories of International Relations

GV903: Advanced Research Methods

GV907: Political Economy

GV908: Political Theory

GV909: Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods

GV914: Research Design

GV915: Applied Research Design

GV916 Political Economy of Development

GV917: Public Opinion and Political Behaviour

GV918: Data for Social Data Science

GV922: Concepts and Measurements in Comparative Political Research

GV923: Foundations of Public Policy

GV924: Politics of Public Policy

GV924: The Politics of Public Policy

GV925: Terrorism and Counterterrorism

GV952: Comparative European Politics

GV958: Theory and Explanation in Political Science

GV963: United States Politics

GV988: Ideology and Political Discourse

Reading Lists (HR)

HR100: The Making of the Modern World Since 1750

HR101: Becoming A Historian

HR104: Resisting Empire

HR106: People and Power: A History of Democracy in Modern Europe

HR111: Europe Transformed 1450-1750

HR162: The Great American Experiment

HR205: Multicultural Britain: A History

HR211: Approaches to History

HR214: the Social and Cultural History of the First World War (half option)

HR215: Gender in Early Modern England (Seminar Readings)

HR220: The Making of Modern Brazil (Nineteenth Century)

HR222: Public History Module: Sharing the Secrets of Colchester Castle Museum

HR226: China: the Long Twentieth Century

HR229: Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery

HR230: Pandemics: Lessons from History

HR231: Choosing Your Past: How to Design and Manage a Research Project

HR251: Life in the Three Kingdoms: Society and Cultures in Early Modern Britain and Ireland

HR255: Consensus Britain? The State and the People, 1945-79

HR259: The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) A Military, Social and Cultural History

HR270: Sex, War and Class at the Movies: Britain, 1930-60

HR308: Britain’s Second World War: Mass Observation, Myth and Memory

HR349: London 1500-1700: Growth, Reformation, & Destruction

HR352: The Common People: History from Below in Britain, 1830-1914

HR366: Henry VIII and His Reign

HR371: Fictions of Empire

HR374: Slavery and Plantation Societies in Latin America

HR619: The Russian Revolution 1905-1924

HR628: Witches, Witchcraft and Witch-Trials in Early Modern Europe and New England

HR651: Unquiet Pasts

HR679: Our Voices, Our Pasts, Our Histories: Oral History in Practice

HR903: Race and Class in Britain, South Africa and the United States: Select Topics

HR921: The Public History Workshop

HR922: Gender and Identity in Early Modern Europe, c.1450-c.1750

HR924: Rethinking History: Concepts, Approaches, and Theories

HR930: History, Power, and Identity

HR935: Making History, Sharing History: Sources, Methods, and Audiences for Historical Research

HR949: Archives and Power

HR962: Approaches to War, Culture and Society

HR965: War and Medicine

HR967: War on the Mind: Historical Perspectives on Trauma

HR968: War and Slavery in the Atlantic World

HR970: War and Memory

Reading Lists (IA)

IA101: Introduction to the History of Art in Western Europe: From Classical Greece to Impressionist France

IA102: Introduction to Biology

IA106 Introduction to Economics

IA108: History

IA109: Introduction to Law

IA110: Introduction to Linguistics

IA111: Major Writers in English Literature

IA112: Essential Mathematics

IA115: Mathematical Methods and Statistics

IA118: Becoming Enlightened Citizens: Foundations in Politics and Government

IA119: Computer and Electronics

IA120 Introduction to Legal Theory

IA121 Western Philosophy: Fundamental Questions, Major Thinkers

IA122: Introduction to Management and Marketing

IA123: Chemistry for Biology

IA124: Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Business

IA126 Mathematics for Computer Science

IA127 Statistics for Psychology

IA128: Mathematics and Statistics for Biological Sciences

IA129 Datacy

IA143 Research and Academic Skills

IA144 Research and Academic Skills

IA145: Research and Academic Development Skills/IA146: Research and Academic Development Skills and English Language

IA147 RADS for Psychology

IA147: Research and Academic Development Skills (Psychology)

IA150: Second Language Learning

IA158: Introduction to Sociology and Criminology

IA160 – Computer Programming

IA173: Introduction to Applied Psychology

IA174: Introduction to Accounting and Finance

IA175: Introduction to Psychology

IA176: Introduction to UKHR

IA177: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

IA178: Introduction to Biomechanics

IA179: Unconscious in Individuals, Groups and Society


IA192 Research and Academic Skills

IA193: Research and Academic Development Skills

IA195: Research and Academic Development Skills

IA197: RADS Law


Reading Lists (LA)

LA041 Language Expert 1

LA051: Language Expert 2

LA059/LA068/LA069: Language Dissertation

LA067: Translation, Interpreting & Subtitling Skills

LA121: Intensive Initial French

LA122: Intensive Initial French 2

LA130: Higher Intermediate French

LA140: Advanced French

LA150: Proficiency Level French

LA160: Mastery French

LA221 & LA222: Intensive Initial German

LA230: Higher Intermediate German

LA240: Advanced German

LA250: Proficiency Level German

LA260: Mastery Level German

LA333: Spanish to Portuguese conversion

LA340: Advanced Portuguese

LA350: Proficiency level Portuguese

LA360: Mastery level Portuguese

LA410: Initial Spanish

LA420: Lower intermediate Spanish

LA421 & LA422: Intensive Initial Spanish

LA440: Advanced Spanish

LA621: Intensive initial Italian

LA622: Initial Intensive Italian II

LA630: Higher Intermediate Italian

LA640: Advanced Italian

LA650: Proficiency Level Italian

LA660: Mastery Italian

LA667 Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling - English -Italian

LA811-LA812: French Translation Portfolio

LA813 & LA814: Interpreting French English

LA821: Translation Portfolio I (German)

LA823: Interpreting Practice I (German)

LA831: Translation Portfolio I (Portuguese)

LA832: Translation Portfolio II (Portuguese)

LA833: Interpreting practice I (Portuguese)

LA834: Interpreting Practice II (Portuguese)

LA841: Spanish Translation Portfolio I

LA842: Spanish Translation Portfolio II

LA843: Spanish Interpreting Practice I

LA844: Spanish Interpreting Practice II

LA851: Translation Portfolio I (Arabic)

LA852: Translation Portfolio II (Arabic)

LA853: Arabic Interpreting Practice I

LA854: Arabic Interpreting Practice II

LA861: Translation portfolio I (Italian)

LA862: Translation Portfolio II (Italian)

LA863: Interpreting Practice I (Italian)

LA864: Interpreting practice II (Italian)

LA871: Principles of Translation and Interpreting

LA873: Technologies of translation

LA874 Subtitling: Principles and Practice

LA875: Technologies of Translation II & Post Editing

LA876: Audiovisual Translation

LA880: Specialised Translation/LA889: Translation Portfolio II (Chinese-English)

LA881: Translation Portfolio (Chinese-English) I

LA882: Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting

LA885 Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting

LA886: Writing in L2

LA888/LA884: Bilateral Interpreting Reading List

LA891: Translation with Localisation and Transcreation

LA892 Advanced Consecutive Interpreting

LA894: Advanced Interpreting Skills

LA895: Professional Skills for Translators

LA896/LA897: Simultaneous Interpreting

LA921: Intensive Initial Mandarin Chinese 1

LA922: Intensive Initial Mandarin Chinese 2

LA930: Higher International Madarin Chinese

Reading Lists (LG)

LG110: Sounds

LG111: Words and Sentences

LG113: Understanding Data in Linguistics

LG114: Language in Society

LG115: Psycholinguistics I: Language development

LG116: Adult Language Processing

LG210: Phonology

LG211: Semantics and pragmatics

LG212: Syntax

LG213: Research Methods for Language and Linguistics

LG215: Psycholinguistics

LG216: Second Language Learning

LG217: Phonetics

LG218: Sociolinguistics

LG219: Multilingualism

LG222: English Language in the Media

LG329: Language Teaching in Different Contexts

LG353: English in the British Isles

LG355: English Around the World

LG357: English Intonation

LG358: Language and the Mind

LG359: World Language Structures

LG361: Multilingualism and Translanguaging in Educational and Social Contexts

LG363: Foundations of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

LG374: Sociolinguistic Perception

LG378: Cognitive Linguistics for Second Language Learning and Teaching

LG404: Phonology

LG415: Phonetics

LG421: Phonological development

LG429: Topics in the Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching

LG438: Second Language Acquisition and Linguistics Theory

LG462: Sentence processing

LG476: Semantics

LG484: Conversation & Social Interaction

LG490: Literature and Language Teaching

LG503: Language Learning

LG504: Language Testing and Assessment

LG513: Individual Differences in L2 Learning

LG514: Syntactic Theory I

LG522: Language Learning and Teaching

LG532: Sociolinguistic Theory

LG533: Experimental Analysis

LG540: Teaching Younger Learners

LG575: Research Methods I

LG592: Assignment Writing and Dissertation Preparation

LG621: Language in Context: From Pragmatics to Conversation Analysis

LG622: Teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking

LG624: Intercultural Communication: communicating across languages and cultures

LG636: Teaching and Learning Grammar

LG653: Varieties of English

LG655: Teaching Practice 2

LG656: Reflective Practitioner

LG657: English for Specific Purposes: Traditions and Practices in Language Teaching

LG665: Introduction to TEFL Methodology

LG666: Initial Teaching Practice

LG667: Theory & Practice in English Language Teaching

Reading Lists (LT)

LT109: Contemporary Texts and Contexts

LT111: Introduction to Literature: Origins and Transformations

LT121: Approaches to Film and Media

LT122: Introduction to Film Production

LT123: Contemporary Television

LT131/LT135: Basic Practical Journalism

LT133: Media Law

LT134: Public Affairs

LT137: The First World War in Literature

LT138: History of Journalism

LT143: Poetry: A Very Short Introduction

LT144: Journalism Now

LT146: Writing for Radio and Audio

LT151: Shakespeare on Film

LT161: Introduction to U.S. Literature

LT171: Introduction to European Literature

LT182: Text Up Close: Reading for Criticism

LT191: The Writer's Toolkit

LT203: "I, too, sing America": Identity, Diversity, and Voice in United States Literature

LT204: Criticism: Practice and Theory

LT205: Creative Media

LT206: Narrative and Film

LT207: World Cinema

LT209: Writing Structures

LT210: Love and Death in the Renaissance

LT218: Black Lives Represented: Writing, Art, Politics and Society

LT219: Writing the Short Story

LT221: Introduction to Screenwriting

LT225: Documentary Filmmaking

LT226: Fiction Filmmaking

LT227: Directing Actors for Film

LT228: Rights and Wrongs: Literatures of Slavery and Emancipation

LT229: On-Screen Anti-Heroes

LT230: Newspaper production project

LT231/LT240: Intermediate Practical Journalism: Audio/Video

LT232/LT241: Intermediate Practical Journalism: Print/Online

LT237: Advanced Media Law and Ethics

LT238: Research and Data Handling

LT242: International Journalism and News Reporting

LT245: Creative non-fiction

LT248: Modernism

LT249: Postmodernism

LT250: Dystopias

LT258: Photojournalism

LT262: Introduction to Caribbean Literature

LT267: Desire in the Age of Enlightenment: Eighteenth Century Literature

LT268: Gothic Literature

LT269: Climate Emergency: Narrating the Environment and Writing the Wild

LT312: Advanced Practical Journalism

LT313: Newsroom Practice

LT314: Multimedia Project

LT315: Specialist Journalism

LT321: Possible Worlds: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Alternate Histories

LT322: Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

LT322: Advanced Fiction Filmmaking

LT342: Dreaming and Writing

LT346: The Beginning of a Novel

LT347: American Film Authors

LT358: Writing Lyrics

LT359: Creative Writing: Oulipo and the Avant Garde

LT364: Cyborgs, Clones and the Rise of the Robots: Science Fiction

LT368: Cityscapes of Modernism

LT372: Shakespeare, the Tragedies

LT380: There is a Continent Outside my Window: United States and Caribbean Literatures in Dialogue

LT385: The Story and Myth of The West

LT390: The Limits of Representation: The Holocaust in Literature and Film

LT396: Journalism and Storytelling

LT397: Extinction: Looking Back at the End of the World

LT407: Representing Women on Seventeenth-Century English Stages

LT431: Comparative Media Law and Regulation

LT833/LT834: Independent Film Project

LT901: Research Methods in Literary and Cultural Analysis

LT904: The New Nature Writing

LT908: Writing the Novel

LT909: Memory Maps: Practices in Psychogeography

LT910: Oulipian Practice

LT911: Creative Writing Workshop

LT913: Principles of Dramatic Structure

LT922: The Modern City

LT927: Critical Moments in the Theory and History of Film

LT930: Documentary and the Avant-Garde: Film and Video

LT931: Women Filmmakers

LT932: Film Workshop

LT953: Screenwriting Workshop

LT961: Literature of the First World War

LT962: Crossing the Boundaries: Literature and Translation in a Global Context

LT965: Continental Crossing: Caribbean and US Literatures and Culture

LT969: Media, Politics and Society

LT976: Queer: Literature, Culture, History

Reading Lists (LW)

LW101: Contract Law

LW103: Foundations of Public Law

LW104-4-FY: Criminal Law

LW104-5-FY: Criminal Law

LW104-6-FY: Criminal Law

LW105: Academic Legal and Professional Skills

LW106: French Constitutional Law

LW108: Foundations of the Law of Obligations

LW109: Foundations of Property Law

LW111/LW211: Career Management and Personal Development Skills I/II

LW112: French Private Law I

LW201: Tort Law

LW202: Equity and Trusts

LW206: French Administrative Law

LW209: Current Issues in Public Law

LW214: Family Law

LW218: Introduction to Public International Law

LW224: Banking Law

LW225: Company Law

LW241: Consumer Contract Law

LW242: Consumer Commercial Law

LW244: The Protection of Human Rights in the UK

LW250: Legal Advice Case Work

LW251: Employment Law and Practice

LW254: Legal Research Skills

LW301: Jurisprudence

LW302: Law of the European Union

LW303: Land Law

LW316: Law of Evidence

LW327: International Trade Law

LW343: Competition Law

LW349: Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Law, Policy and Practice

LW352: Legal Ethics and Justice

LW354: Criminology

LW356: International Environmental Law

LW360: Legal Research

LW363: Copyright and Trade Mark Law

LW430: Introduction to the Law of the European Union

LW513: Legal Research and the English Legal System

LW515: Regional Human Rights System

LW600: Dissertation: LLM International Trade Law

LW601: International Trade Finance Law

LW603: International Sale of Goods

LW604: Carriage of Goods by Sea

LW605: International Commercial Dispute Resolution

LW619: Marine Insurance I

LW620: Maritime Law and Wet Shipping

LW621: International Financial Law

LW622: International Law of the Sea

LW624: International Trade and Maritime Law

LW663: Contemporary Issues in Commercial and Business Law

LW702: Competition Law and Policy in the EU

LW760: Dissertation: LLM International Trade and Maritime Law


LW803: The International Law of Armed Conflict

LW805: International Criminal Law

LW806: Conflict & The UN: Law Relating To The Use Of Force, Peacekeeping, Sanctions & Counter Terrorism

LW808: The Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict and Situations of Acute Crisis

LW901: International Human Rights Law: Law and Practice

LW915: Human Rights and Development

LW917: International Trade, Investment and Human Rights

LW918: Human Rights and Women

LW922: Business and Human Rights

LW924: International Human Rights: Theories and Institutions

LW927: Transitional Justice

LW930: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Context

LW938: Gender, Peace, Security and the Law

LW941: Corporate Responsibility and Business Law

LW966: Commercial Conflict of Laws

Reading Lists (MA)

MA101: Calculus

MA105: Applied Mathematics

MA108: Statistics I

MA111: Foundational Mathematics for Data Science

MA114: Linear Mathematics

MA125: Mathematical Skills

MA181: Discrete Mathematics

MA185: Mathematical and Computational Modelling

MA199: Mathematics Careers and Employability

MA200: Statistics II

MA201: Linear Algebra

MA202: Differential Equations

MA203: Real Analysis

MA204: Abstract Algebra

MA205: Optimisation (Linear Programming)

MA209: Introduction to Numerical Methods

MA210: Vector Calculus

MA211: Finance and Financial Reporting

MA212: Contingencies I

MA213: Real Analysis II

MA214: Network Analysis

MA216: Survival Analysis

MA220: Number Theory

MA222: Classical Mechanics

MA225: Quantum Mechanics

MA226 Financial Mathematics

MA301: Group Theory

MA302: Complex Variables and Applications

MA304: Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualisation

MA305 Nonlinear Programming

MA306: Combinatorial Optimisation

MA307: Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

MA311: Mathematics of Portfolios

MA312: Contingencies II

MA314: Graph Theory

MA315: Cryptography and Codes

MA316: Commutative Algebra

MA317: Modelling Experimental Data

MA318: Statistical Methods

MA319: Stochastic Process

MA320: Financial Derivatives

MA321: Applied Statistics

MA323: Partial Differential Equations

MA323: Partial Differential Equations

MA331: Programming and text analytics with R

MA332: Databases and data processing with SQL

MA334: Data Analysis and Statistics with R

MA335: Modelling experimental and observational data

MA336: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Applications

MA336: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Applications

MA338: Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning

MA829/MA830/MA831/MA838: Capstone Project Mathematics

MA829/MA830/MA831: Capstone Projects by Dr Chris Antonopoulos

MA829/MA830/MA831: Capstone Projects by Gerald Williams

MA829/MA830/MA831: Capstone Projects by Jesús Martínez García

MA829/MA830/MA831: Capstone Projects offered by Murat Akman

MA830: Capstone Projects by Dr Jackie Wong

MA830: Capstone projects offered by Peng Liu


MA981: Dissertation

Reading Lists (PA)

PA108: Popular Film, Literature and Television: a Psychoanalytic Approach (Freud and Jung)

PA121: Critical Analysis of Psychodynamic Theory and Practice

PA123: Understanding Individuals, Groups and Organisations: An Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts

PA124: Introduction to Psychodynamic and Reflective Practice

PA125: Child, Adolescent and Adult Development

PA128: Observation Skills and Reflective Practice (Colchester)

PA129: Therapeutic Work in Groups

PA132: Observation Skills for Counselling

PA133: Group Relations and Professional Life

PA134: The Psychosocial Imagination

PA140: Introduction to Childhood Studies

PA141: Perspectives in Child Development

PA142: Placement-Based Observation Skills and Reflective Practice

PA208: Freud: Mind, Culture and Society

PA209: The Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture, and Society - Jung

PA210: Counselling Skills for Therapeutic Work

PA212: Mentoring and Supervision

PA213: Long Essay (final year project)

PA215: Counselling Contexts: Preparing for Practice

PA216: Psychodynamic Observation for Counsellors

PA217: Psychodynamic Concepts

PA218: Personality Development

PA221: Personal Development

PA223: Trauma and Recovery: A Psychodynamic Approach

PA224: Advanced Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice

PA225: Violence and Projective Processes in Individuals and Society

PA228: Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents - Theory

PA230: Professional Practice in Careers with Children

PA231: Where the Wild Things Are: Children in Literature

PA232: Infant Observation

PA233: Developmental Trauma, Autism and ADHD

PA234: The Social History of Childhood

PA235: Therapeutic Practice and Responsibility: Statutory Frameworks (Childhood Studies)

PA238: Refugee Voices and Narratives

PA239: Advanced Practice-Based Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice

PA241: Dream, Myth, and Magic

PA256: Counselling relationships and counselling techniques

PA257: Group and Organisational Dynamics for Counsellors

PA325: Preparing for My Future

PA331: Childhood Wellbeing: Play, Socialisation and Resilience

PA332: Teaching and Learning with Children - A Psychosocial approach

PA334: Childhood Inc.: Disney and the Globalization of Childhood

PA402: Advanced Jungian and Post-Jungian Approaches

PA403: Psychoanalysis and the Child

PA405: Lacanian Psychoanalysis

PA407: Current Debates in Psychosocial Studies

PA408: Contemporary Therapeutic Practice

PA700: Non-Psychodynamic Approaches to Practice (Colchester)

PA804: Literature Review

PA805: Research Methodologies and Research Design

PA806: Research Proposal

PA808: Research Processes

PA872: Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches

PA901: Psycho Analytic Theory

PA910: Experiencing Organisations: Reflexivity and Analysis

PA915: Research Skills and Methods in Depth Psychology

PA925: Developing Skills for Business Leadership

PA927/PA211/PA229: Organisational Dynamics

PA928: Psychoanalytic Epistemology

PA931: Context of the Refugee Experience

PA932: Psychosocial Perspectives on Human Rights

PA935: Clinical and Critical: Contemporary Dialogues in Psychoanalytic Theory

PA941: Reading Freud

PA943: Critical Debates in Childhood and Childhood Studies

PA944: Research with Children and Young People

PA945: Dissertation (Childhood Studies)

PA946: Geographies of Childhood and Youth

PA947: The Queer Child

PA948: Relational Childhoods

PA949: Children's Emotional Worlds

PA961: Psychodynamic Theory and Practice 1

PA963: Theory and Practice 2

PA964: Advanced Counselling Theory and Practice

PA965: Applications of Research to Psychodynamic Practice

PA966: Different Approaches

PA967: Personal Development

PA968: Professional Development 1

PA971: Key Texts of C. G. Jung

PA972: Jung in Contexts: Historical, Philosophical, Cultural

PA973: Key Concepts in Jungian and Post-Jungian Analytical Psychology

PA974: Selected Applications of Analytical Psychology

PA974: Selected Applications of Analytical Psychology (Online)

PA976: Freud in Context

PA987/PA333 Dissertation

Reading Lists (PS)

PS111: Discovering Psychology: The Science Behind Human Behaviour

PS114: Research Methods in Psychology

PS115: Statistics for Psychologists

PS116: Preparing for University Psychology

PS118: Applied psychology

PS212: Statistics for Psychologists 2nd Year

PS300: Psychology Project

PS406: Developmental Psychology


PS411 & PS943: Brain & Behaviour

PS414: Seeing and Hearing

PS415/PS922: Memory, Attention and Language

PS416: Personality and Individual Differences

PS486: Culture and Psychology

PS487: Emotion (Autumn Term)

PS489: Animal Behaviour

PS490: Evolutionary Psychology: How Natural and Sexual Selection Helped Shape the Human Mind

PS495: The Neuroscience of Human Nature

PS498: Human Sexuality

PS502: Psychology of Body, Senses and Existence

PS504: Psychopathology

PS507: Making Connections: How Children Develop

PS509: Science of Uncertainty

PS510: Positive Psychology

PS511: What's Love Got to Do with It? Understanding Romantic Relationships

PS512: Judgment and Decision-Making

PS900: MSc Psychology Research Project

PS908: Research Methods & Statistics

PS912: Research Management

PS921: Advanced Seeing and Hearing

PS925: Critical Literature Review

PS931: Advanced Developmental Psychology

PS933: Special Topics in Social Psychology

PS934: Research Project (MSc)

PS935: Neurocognition of Human Interaction

PS938: Special Topics in Individual Differences and Developmental Psychology

PS944: Research Experience

PS945: Advanced Personality and Individual Differences

PS946: Fundamental Statistics for Research

PS947: Advanced Statistics for Research

PS948: Research Methods & Statistics in Cognitive Neuropsychology & Neuroscience

PS949: Theory and Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

Reading Lists (SC)

SC101: Researching Social Life 1

SC104: Introduction to Crime, Law and Society

SC106: Introduction to Media, Culture and Society

SC107: Introduction to Social Anthropology

SC111: The Sociological Imagination

SC164: Introduction to United States Sociology

SC201: Continuity and Controversy In Sociology: Sociological Analysis II

SC203: Researching Social Life II

SC204: Sociology of Crime and Control

SC205: Policing, Punishment and Society

SC207: Computational Social Science

SC208: Stratification Across the Life Course: Inequalities From Cradle to Grave

SC210: Ethnographic Explorations of the City

SC213: Social Psychology (Sociology): Self and Interaction

SC224: Digital Society

SC233: Race, Class and Gender

SC277: Ethnographic Research Methods

SC291-AU: Sociology of Sexualities: Queer History and Visual Culture

SC291-SP: Sociology of Sexualities: Gender and Sexual Citizenship

SC301: Current Disputes in Sociology

SC304: Globalisation and Crime

SC306: Crime, Media and Culture

SC311: Children and Young People: Criminological Approaches

SC326: Psychiatry and Mental Illness

SC340: Current Issues in Social Science

SC361: American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the United States

SC362: Visual Cultures: Social Meanings of Photography and Artistic Images

SC364: Mass Media and Modern Life

SC382: Crime, Policy and Social Justice

SC385: Models and Measurement in Quantitative Sociology

SC387: War and Trauma in the Modern Age

SC388: Dangerous Places: Intercultural Encounters in Film, Exploration and Anthropology

SC390: Work-Based Learning: Sociology

SC504: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

SC507: Consumption, Political Economy, and Sustainability

SC508: Digital Economy

SC519: Advertising: Commerce and Creativity

SC520: Interviewing and Qualitative Data Analysis

SC526: Citizenship, International Migration and Human Rights

SC555: Formative Debates in Criminology

SC556: Organised Crime: Global and Local

SC557: Critical Perspectives on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

SC559: Emotions and Society

SC560: Crime, Politics and the Sex Industry

SC561: Global Security Challenges

SC655: Current Controversies in Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy

SC830: Quantitative Research Project

SC831: Undergraduate Research Project

SC832: Research Project: Anthropology

SC901: Topics in Contemporary Sociology

SC905: Sociological Research Design

SC920: Colonialism, Cultural Diversity and Human Rights

SC968: Advanced Quantitative Analysis: Models for Cause and Effect

SC970: Introduction to Survey Design and Management

SC971: Survey Sampling and Non-Response

SC974: Survey Measurement and Question Design

SC982: Migration: Theory, Concepts and Selected Issues

Reading Lists (SE)

SE101: Professional skills and Development 1


SE103: Principles of Nutrition and Metabolism

SE104: Sport and Exercise Psychology

SE105: Anatomy & Physiology for Sport and Exercise Sciences

SE106: Introduction to Sports and Exercise Science

SE107: Introduction to Coaching

SE111: Anatomy and Physiology for Coaches

SE114: Introduction to Sports Therapy

SE115: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice

SE117: Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology

SE118: Physiotherapy Led Assessment

SE119: Practice-Based Decision Making

SE120: Understanding self and others

SE201: Professional Skills and Development 2

SE203: Exercise Physiology

SE204: Sports Injuries and Exercise Rehabilitation

SE205: Health and Lifestyle

SE206: Applied Biomechanics and Movement Analysis

SE207: Sport and Performance Psychology

SE209: Pedagogical Principles of Sports Coaching

SE210: Strength & Conditioning: Application & Theory

SE218: Evaluation of Sport and Exercise Injuries

SE219: Rehabilitation and Remedial Exercise

SE221: Research and Evidence for Practice

SE224-5-AU-CO: Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition

SE228: Treatment of Sport and Exercise Injuries

SE229: Starting Your Own Business or Being Self-Employed: an Entrepreneurial Approach.

SE230: Research Methods in Sport and Exercise

SE231 Developing Self and Others

SE232: Physiotherapy Led Interventions

SE233: Promoting Health and Activity

SE234: Research Methods

SE304: Applied Sports Psychology

SE305: Issues in Sport and Exercise Science

SE307: Strength and Conditioning

SE308: Performance Analysis

SE309: Research Project And Skills In Sports Science

SE311 Complexities in Rehabilitation

SE314: Evidencing practice and continuous development

SE315: Advanced Sports Therapy

SE316: Academic and Practical Sports Therapy

SE317: Advanced Sports Trauma Management

SE318: Research Project

SE321 Sports Therapy Placement

SE330: Environments Shape Physical Activity: Translating Research into Practice

SE333: Coaching for Learning and Psychosocial Skill Development

SE334: Talent Identification and Recruitment in Sport

SE336: Physical Activity, Nutrition and Cardio-Metabolic Disease

SE340: Professional Enquiry Proposal

SE708, SE709, SE710, SE711, SE712, SE715, SE716, SE718, SE719: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

SE708, SE709, SE710, SE711, SE712, SE715, SE716, SE718, SE719: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

SE713: Understanding and Managing Complex Musculoskeletal Conditions

SE714: Soft Tissue and Joint Injection Therapy

SE717 Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment

SE730: Dissertation

SE734: Physical Activity & Wellbeing

SE740: Research Project

SE741: Professional Practice in Sport and Exercise Psychology

SE742: Applied Techniques in Sport and Exercise Psychology

SE743: Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise

SE744: Cognitive Processes

SE747: Postgraduate Research Methods (Distance Learning)

SE751: Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology

SE752: Understanding self and others

SE755: Promoting Health and Activity

SE756: Critical Enquiry

SE757: Developing Self and Others

SE758: Leadership of Self & Others

SE760: Research Project

SE761: First Contact Musculoskeletal Practice

SE762: Skill Acquisition in Coaching

SE763: Youth Athletic Development

SE765: Coaching Practice Placement

SE766: Masterclasses in Coaching

SE767: Developing High-Performance Coach Education

SE768: Disability, Sport and Social Change

SE769: Personalising Health and Performance Nutrition

SE785 Data Analysis and Evaluation

SE786: Evaluation of Clinical Practice for Musculoskeletal First Contact Practioners