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Our Teaching Offer

Provides information on teaching that the Library can deliver for your students to help them develop their skills, as well as highlighting supporting online resources.

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We have a variety of online resources available, designed to help students develop their information and digital literacy skills. 

These resources can be used in support of your teaching, and you can share links on your module Moodle page. These are great to include during a relevant week for your students to work through independently, or could be highlighted alongside other information such as assignment briefs. A list of all the different online resources that are available can also be found by students on our Skills at Library page.

A list of our online resources and what they cover can be found below. If you think that your students would benefit from a teaching session on one of these topics, please have a look at our workshop menu and contact your Academic Liaison Librarian  to discuss your requirements.

Our online resources

Subject Guides

A collection of resources put together by your Academic Liaison Librarian. The guides are designed to help students with specific subjects and topics they may want to explore. They provide a great introduction to useful resources for your particular subject or discipline.

Search Skills Guide  

A great overall resource to help students develop their search skills. It will take them through how to improve searches for information, including help with: finding resources, search strategies, evaluating information and referencing. This is highly recommended for all students undertaking assignments or research.

Making the most of your Online Library Tutorial  

Estimated time: 30-45 minutes
An interactive introduction to the online Library for students. This will teach students how to search for online resources, how to access reading lists, and where they can find both subject-specific and general support.

Advanced Search Skills Webinar 

A video introducing advanced search skills. This covers how to develop a search strategy, search tips and techniques such as Boolean and phrase searching, and where students can conduct your searches. 


Introduction to E-resources Webinar  

This video provides students with an introduction to the different types of online resources available and how they can be accessed through the Library.

Google Search Skills Tutorial  

Estimated time: 25-30 minutes
This tutorial focuses on the use of Google and Google Scholar, and how students can get the most from these search engines. It will give tips on conducting advanced searches, as well as providing an opportunity for students to give them a go. It also highlights some alternatives to Google and when these might be useful


Finding and Using News and Media Sources Webinar  

News and media can be great sources for research and study, and this video covers how to find and use these sources. It includes discussions and demonstrations of general news sources; historical news sources; business, economics and financial news; social media; and data about or from media.

Data for Research Webinar  

This video focuses on how to find statistics for study and research, outlining some of the key places to find reliable data.

Evaluating Information  

Part of our Search Skills Guide, this page covers techniques which can be used to critically evaluate resources, including the CRAAP test and lateral reading.

Evaluating Resources Tutorial  

Estimated time: 25-30 minutes
An interactive tutorial focusing on the importance of evaluating sources. This covers using the CRAAP test to evaluate resources in a memorable and consistent way, avoiding predatory journals, and spotting fake news.

Referencing Guidance

This provides some general guidance on referencing, and highlights resources for more information on departmental referencing styles. It also mentions referencing management software, which can be a great tool when doing research or assignments.

Referencing Made Easy Tutorial  

Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
A great introduction to referencing in an interactive format, giving students the chance to practice creating their own references.


Introduction to OSCOLA Video Series  

A series of three videos providing an overview of OSCOLA referencing. This series covers what OSCOLA is and the general principles behind the system, citing legislation and cases, and citing secondary sources (books and journal articles).

 Introduction to Reference Management Software Video  

This video provides an introduction to reference management software. It covers what reference management software is, what software is available, and what to consider when choosing your software.