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Referencing: General Guidance

Style Guides

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In addition, make sure to check out Cite Them Right Online. This is a comprehensive referencing resource which will help you to cite and reference just about any source and to avoid plagiarism.

Correct referencing is an essential component of academic writing. Referencing correctly shows that you have conducted relevant and thorough research. Referencing incorrectly can count as plagiarism.


  • Citation - a specific resource mentioned in the body of a document
  • Reference - enough detail about a resource to enable somebody to find the resource themselves
  • Plagiarism - leading your reader to believe someone else’s work has been created by you
  • Bibliography - a list of references at the end of a document
  • Style - the exact way in which references and citations are put into a document


Use reference management software to manage your reference list and bibliography. 

We support the following software:

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More Help

Visit the Skills for Success for workshops and online support, and check out their referencing quick guides.

You can also book a librarian for a 1-to-1 session on referencing. 

Pick up a book on referencing from one of our libraries