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What is Reference Management Software?

Reference management software allows you to collect, store and organise your references, and insert them into your documents quickly and easily. Once you have stored a reference, you can use it over and over again in your bibliographies. This can save you a lot of time, as you don't have to manually type a reference each time you cite a particular source.

There are many different reference management software packages available, and you should choose the one that works best for you.

Choosing your Reference Management Software

You may find it helpful to test different reference management software packages to see which one you prefer working with. A few things you might want to consider when choosing your reference manager are:

  • Accessibility: Is the software desktop- or web-based?
  • Referencing Styles: Is the citation/referencing style you need to use available in the software?
  • Cost: Is the software free (like Mendeley and Zotero), or is there a one-off or annual subscription fee to pay? 
  • Compatibility: Is the software compatible with your operating system and/or the word processing software you use?
  • Collaboration: If you're planning to share your references with colleagues, which software do they use?

Self-Guided Worksheets

You can download introductory worksheets for EndNote Online, Mendeley and Zotero below. These step-by-step guides take you through setting up a free account, adding references to your own personal library, and inserting references and a bibliography into your Microsoft Word documents. If you need any further help, please do get in touch. 

EndNote Online

EndNote online (also known as EndNote basic) is a web-based product which can be used to store references and use them in your work. An enhanced version is available to University members by registering via the Web of Science. If you do so, you can store up to 50,000 references and have a 2 GB attachment storage quota.

Recommended for undergraduates and masters students

EndNote Online - How To

This class shows how to use the major features in EndNote online. Although it includes information on how EndNote online integrates with EndNote on the desktop, it also contains information for those using EndNote basic.

An edited recording of a live class for EndNote Online.
Use the ...More, then Transcript feature in YouTube to access a table of contents for the video.